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Welcome to the second annual URB PRK Concert Series at Cafe Mosaics in Edmonton. URB PRK is an organization that works with local businesses and emerging young talent in Architecture and Planning to create innovative and sustainable parks within an urbanscape. Each Sunday, for six consecutive weeks, Welcome to the West is producing a unique concert experience upon our Whyte Avenue bandstand. This year, we are proud to be presenting 24 Edmonton artists on the ‘APERTURE’ stage – the winning architectural design by Team GASCH: Kian Hosseinnia, Pearl Cao, Dimah Ghazal, Ous Abou Ras, and Tina Siassi from University of Toronto. Each week, the bandstand will be adorned with an original backdrop created by visual artist, Haylee Fortin. The next and final concert of URB PRK 2017 will be held on Sunday, August 27 featuring performances by Kurt Loewen, Bardic Form, Billie Zizi, and a DJ set to start of the night from 4-6pm by Booster & the Goat.

Sunday, August 27 >>> Kurt Loewen >>> 8pm

Prairie wisdom, poetic lyricism and love songs taller than mountains, Kurt Loewen of the band, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra has been writing and recording a new solo project at Bitter North with Emily Bachynski. The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra are a collection of musicians, linked by common sonic journeys and familial ties. It doesn’t matter much how they got here, but rather that they are traveling with each other. Now they are here in the room with you, the way music in the folk tradition always is, to bring people together; to share real flesh, blood and feeling.

Sunday, August 27 >>> Bardic Form >>> 7pm

Bardic Form is an Edmonton based acoustic guitar duo who blend folk, Latin, metal and classical music into a high-energy and unparalleled performance. From outdoor festivals to living rooms, concert halls to coffee houses, they are a rare gem performing something truly different and unforgettable that have left audiences speechless and on their feet.

Sunday, August 27 >>> Billie Zizi >>> 6pm

If you’ve ever spiraled through the heaviness and lightness of love, then you can get behind Billi Zizi’s new album Moon of Honey (2016). This tour-de-force carries all the agonies and ecstasies of all those late night spent alone in your room waiting for your lover to call. Her sound is heady mix of dirty-soul-indie-jazz-pop—and these tracks give off serious bedroom vibes.

Sunday, August 27 >>> Booster & the Goat >>> 4-6pm

Booster & the Goat is the DJ tandem of singer/songwriter Luke Thomson and actor/writer, Joleen Ballendine. Thomson (aka The Milkman) spent his early days in Calgary cutting his teeth. Literally. You ever see the guy’s teeth? A self-proclaimed songwriter and geetar picker, Luke’s game is twang and his drink is Tang. Sugar and love songs pour out onto the floor while he dances in them.

Joleen has been improvising since 2007. As a high school student, she won several awards and competed in Ottawa at the National Improv Games. That year Joleen won Most Valuable Improvisor. Shortly after she was asked to join world renown improv company Rapid Fire Theatre. Joleen is the associate director of Education with Rapid Fire and is a senior player performing weekly in Theatre Sports, Maestro and Chimprov (a long form show).

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