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Get at us this December for a slathering of winter delights, as we pay homage to 2012 -the year that was- in true Western Canada fashion. Three unique concert experiences await you at some of our favourite Calgary venues which feature a sprawling collective of musicians whom hand-in-hand, have created this community as we know it. This anniversary will mark the very first, Welcome to the West Film Residency program – something designed to honour the year’s successful collaborations and engage artists abroad.

Thursday night we’ve planned an ambient selection for Weed’s Cafe – likely Calgary’s best place to grab a hot cup of something and digest a show. We are proud to introduce, for those yet to see, Vi An Diep who’s instrument of choice is the Gu Zheng (a Chinese plucked zither with 23 or more strings and movable bridges). AM Static -the down-tempo duo of Chris Austman and Nils Mikkelsen- had their debut performance with us back in February are next. The night will be complete with Lung Puma Animal Skulls, who once put forth arguably the biggest show ever held at Weed’s: these dudes frigging shred.

Friday night, shine your shoes and dawn some hair product before shimmying rightly to the Arrata Opera Centre. Playing in front of the historic pipe organ, we have members of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra who have created an off-kilter approach to chamber music: Classical Revolution. Reuben and the Dark have been making tour stops all over the place; same goes for our Film Resident, Rachel Fannan – who is getting off tour with San Francisco’s, Fresh & Onlys to serenade the wild north.

Saturday, we wrap things up with nothing short of a slobber-knocker; to the Area we go for an indoors/outdoors, moonlit eve. Snow Owl play first in the 1890s-built schoolhouse and The Bitterweed Draw slice off some honky tonk brew to follow. The weekend’s finale is Vancouver’s, Petunia, launching into some high and lonesome vocals that conjure up the ghost of Jimmie Rodgers.

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