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Bitter North | 2017 Sessions | Edmonton

In November of 2017, Brendan Kane of Welcome to the West partnered with Emily Bachynski of Bitter North in Edmonton to curate and produce a series of session recordings. We invited six artists to bring their songs to film over a two day period at the studio: Winnipeg’s Sweet Alibi, Toronto’s Jadea Kelly and Amy van Keeken, Luke Thomson, Prince Bunny, and Jom Comyn all of Edmonton.

Market Collective | MC Cheer 2017 | Stage

Market Collective Holiday Cheer 2016


Emily Millard Live at Blank Page Studio


Welcome To The West returns following a one year hiatus from Calgary showcases for one night only: Monday, November 7 live at Blank Page Studio with this intimate triple-header featuring Emily Millard, Aerialists from Montreal and The Heirlooms – this night will be co-produced by Suffragette City CJSW host, Jasmine Retzer and visual artist Rebecca Reid.

Rotary Park and Sarah Hamilton Live in Toronto


Welcome To The West & Sparrow Tree Productions reunite after a 3 year hiatus, bringing together the very best of the West and East for an evening of bluegrass, Appalachian oldtime, and western swing, as we present to you this phenomenal co-bill, Rotary Park & Sarah Hamilton. To commemorate our first Toronto production, enjoy this Rotary Park session for ‘Fallen Again’ inside the 1890s built Schoolhouse Athletic Club in Calgary’s Historic Inglewood. See you this Sunday at Burdock.

Electric Barn | Music Series | August 27

One final show in the six week ‘Electric Barn’ experience at Edmonton’s Cafe Mosaics. It began as an idea to repurpose two parking spots on Whyte Avenue. A set of jurors deliberated over a handful of imaginative & interactive public space designs submitted by student architects. Cody Jew, Dan Syzmanski, Winston Yuen and Ivan Au — all architecture students at the University of Calgary — pitched the winning project: URB PRK ‘Electric Barn’. Every Saturday from July 23-August 27, Welcome to the West curated a unique cast of musicians to perform a street level music fest using the reimagined 90-year-old dilapidated barn as a stage.

For the last hurrah, we have programmed the world debut of People Who Decided to Chill out alongside clawhammering specialist Amy Nelson, the emotionally soul-shattering Norman Fields, and LIM of artistic expressionist powerhouse: Kinfolk DJs.
Saturday, August 27 >>> LIM >>> 4-6pm
Lim is one of three core members of Kinfolk – a group of tastemakers born from the vision of a unified community of artistic expressionists. A community that believes in the shedding of the pretence & fragmentation that is so often associated with art, music, partying, and life. As a community, we promote the weaving of subcultures while rejecting their segregation. We believe everyone is an artist & deserves a canvas on which to express themselves—whether the medium is fashion, costume, music, sexuality, poetry, visual art, or simply smiling, all are welcome & encouraged at Kinfolk; with but one caveat: positive expression. We believe that people belong with one another. We believe they should strive to enjoy life & all it has to offer together, under a unified umbrella. This is Kinfolk. Get under the umbrella!

Saturday, August 27 >>> Norman Fields >>> 6pm

Jaunty melancholic alt-folk with flavours of Elliot Smith and the Weakerthans. idiosyncratic, goofy and devastating sterile heartbreak spun into musical hugs. Norman Fields.
Saturday, August 27 >>> Amy Nelson >>> 7pm
Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 9.53.10 AM
Amy Nelson is an old-time clawhammer banjoist and traditional folk singer. Her influences range from old blues, ragtime, country and mountain music. She sings from the gut and harkens back to a time long ago when music was not only a form of entertainment but a way of connecting to the heart of everyday people.

Saturday, August 27 >>> People Who Decided to Chill Out >>> 7pm