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Alberta Culture Days | cSpace | 2017

Welcome to the West and cSpace Projects presents Alberta Culture Days – a celebration of musicians in Southern Alberta. These concerts will be the first held within the ‘Studio Theatre’ at Marda Loop’s historic King Edward School. Friday night’s doors will be at 7pm with a DJ set by Future Phil of Kinfolk Deejays followed by performances by I Am the Mountain and The Torchettes. On Saturday, the show will feature Liam Clarke & Hector Gomez of Kinfolk Deejays spinning records (Noon-3pm and 5pm-8pm) alongside performances by 21 Strings, Godfrey & Tod, Amy Nelson, Fox Who Slept the Day Away and finishing with The Rondel Roberts Band. This event is free to the public.

Friday, September 29 >>> The Torchettes <<< 10pm>

When sassy front women Deicha Carter and Abbie Thurgood open their mouths and sing, images of some of the finest, funkiest soul singers and most compelling ‘60s garage rock waft through your psyche and bones. The straight goods are delivered with grit, groove and perfect backing from Anders Czarnecki and Steven Halvorson. Guitar riffs, driving horns and a solid back beat build around bang-on harmonies as this gutsy beast with a doctorate in black magic melts your bits into the hot and sweaty underworld. There are many good reasons they’ve become the go-to support vocalists for Calgary’s soulful rock outfit Copperhead and others, and that one of them fronts another hot band, Deicha & the Voodoos. And it’s no surprise that a Nathaniel Rateliff video plays on YouTube after one of theirs, shot at their Women’s Centre benefit series. – Kerry Clarke (Calgary Folk Festival).

Friday, September 29 >>> I Am the Mountain <<< 9pm

I Am The Mountain plays campfire soul music, and is currently based in Calgary, AB. Carefully woven throughout our songs is emotion and atmosphere. We feel the music, and want people to experience our songs in the way that they feel is fitting. Chat with a friend, dance uncontrollably, have an Old Fashioned (neat), or lay quietly, motionless, focusing on each and every syllable and note. We bring in a variety of our past and present experiences, music tastes, and personalities. We’re a blend of classically trained instrumentalists, leaning on our jazz, soul, & folk inspirations like Typhoon, Dan Mangan, Hiatus Kaiyote & Christian Scott. We’re all a bunch of goofy eggheads who would love to talk music with you, share a memory, or jam out in a sweaty basement or street corner. Currently, we are working closely with Juno Award nominee, Nils Mikkelsen (AM Static), to create a six song EP that will showcase the bands groovy and soulful new sound. The Ep, We’re Here For Each Other, is set to be released in late 2017.

Saturday, September 29 >>> The Rondel Roberts Band <<< 10pm

The Rondel Roberts Band is a neo-soul band from Calgary, Alberta. “Neo-soul” is a broad facet of music that borrows from a variety of classic and modern genres such as Motown, Post Bop Jazz, Hip Hop and Funk. “The Rondel Roberts Band” is a groove/backbeat oriented project with contemporary original content and a variety of timeless influences. The band offers audiences authentic interpretations of these influences with performances that adorn Reggae, Dancehall, Pop and even some 60’s Rock music.

Saturday, September 29 >>> Fox Who Slept the Day Away <<< 9pm

Fox Who Slept The Day Away does not spend their days idly, despite what their name suggests. From their first demo, “Sometimes”, it was easy to see that the quartet were on to something special. The EP spoke to a maturity far beyond what is expected of the young group, and since then this dynamic has been ever evolving and delighting fans. Blending jazz and math-rock technicality with the ambience of post rock, they have created a unique and diverse sonic range. With ambitious influences such as The Antlers, Grizzly Bear, and Local Natives, the band is constantly working to develop and encompass new branches of music.

Saturday, September 29 >>> Amy Nelson <<< 8pm

Amy Nelson is an old time banjoist and singer/songwriter from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She harkens back to a time when music was not only a form of entertainment, but a way of connecting to the hearts of everyday people.

Saturday, September 29 >>> Godfrey & Tod <<< 4pm

Godfrey & Tod is an old time duo from Calgary, AB. Composed of Nathan M. Godfrey on resonator guitar and banjo, and Mike Tod on acoustic guitar, the duo plays old-time musics of the Americas, from cowboy songs of Alberta’s coulees, to traditional ballads of the Appalachian Mountains. Joining them for this performance will be Jeremy Gignoux on the fiddle.

Saturday, September 29 >>> 21 Strings <<< 3pm

Xinna plays the guzheng, a 21-stringed traditional Chinese acoustic instrument. Ezra plays guitar, piano and drums. Together, they combine classic Chinese songs with modern Western tunes and original compositions. They have been playing together since 2009, and are currently working toward completing our first full album.

Saturday, September 29 >>> Kinfolk Deejays <<< Friday/Saturday

Kinfolk was born from the vision of a unified community of artistic expressionists. A community that believes in the shedding of the pretence & fragmentation that is so often associated with art, music, partying, and life. As a community, we promote the weaving of subcultures while rejecting their segregation. We believe everyone is an artist & deserves a canvas on which to express themselves—whether the medium is fashion, costume, music, sexuality, poetry, visual art, or simply smiling, all are welcome & encouraged at Kinfolk; with but one caveat: positive expression. We believe that people belong with one another. We believe they should strive to enjoy life & all it has to offer together, under a unified umbrella. This is Kinfolk. Get under the umbrella!

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