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MC 7 Year | Musician Guide | Sunday

Sunday, August 30 >>> Shaani Cage <<< 5pm
Shaani Cage is Aleem and Kaleem Khan. Future Soul/R&B from the immigrant suburbs of YYC. Their debut EP Danyaal is an absolute must-have, produced by Close to Modern.

Sunday, August 30 >>> The Rumble <<< 4pm
Ladies and gentlemen! Regular men! Children with fake IDs! Don’t miss out on the most potent dose of rock and roll you’ll find this side of hell. They’ve got songs to play all night longs: slow, fast, future and past, passionately frantic and cynically romantic. Tell your friends if they haven’t told you, if you don’t have any, they got songs for you too. People, these four poor freaks know one thing only. That’s making grade A rock and roll music for you to shake your hips to. So don’t miss out, come see the show before they implode. The Rumble.

Sunday, August 30 >>> Run Deer Run <<< 3pm
run deer run
Calgary’s indie-rock duo Run Deer Run released its debut album in May 2015. Touching on topics of mortality, seclusion and hope, The War LP’s tone is hauntingly beautiful. Full of dynamic builds and descents, its sound is honest, driven and blends musical influences from many genres. They will support the record with spring and summer shows across Canada alongside some of their favourite bands.

Sunday, August 30 >>> The Heirlooms <<< 2pm
The Heirlooms has four band-mates who at long-last have found each other from many walks of life. Matthew Spreen, master composer man of many great skills rocking rhythm guitar. Bobby Henderson, the bomb electric, slipping sweet solo’s into the hearts of every listener. Kyle Edwards, A subtle yet striking beat bringing drummer sure to make you kick off those shoes and dance. Lastly Kat Westermann, a short… but soulful singing sweetheart with a hint of sass. All together they do what they love and love those who listen.

Sunday, August 30 >>> Jarrod Sterling <<< 1pm
After performing multiple roles in multiple bands crossing multiple genres, Jarrod Sterling celebrates his decade long presence in the Calgary music scene. Now focused on his own solo outlet, he is looking forward to performing his more alternative-pop sounds at his 3rd Market Collective appearance and releasing new music and video this fall.

Sunday, August 30 >>> Liz Stringer <<< Noon
With a reputation for utterly captivating live shows and a string of albums already behind her, Liz Stringer has established herself as one of Melbourne’s most exciting and talented musicians, which has seen her nominated for two 2012 Age EG awards (Best Female and Best Album) and achieve official nomination for the 2012 Coopers AMP for “Warm In The Darkness”.

Described by the Herald Sun as “an old-fashioned, Springsteen-style storyteller with a soulful, mature voice”, Stringer combines intimate, complex narratives with haunting vocals to create unique contemporary roots music.

Stringer has just finished touring her fourth studio album “Warm In The Darkness” nationally. The album sees a departure from the intimacy of 2010’s solo record Tides of Time in favour of a bigger, more bombastic sound, with horns, organs and guitars accentuating the rock-solid foundation of long-time bandmates Tim Keegan (bass) and Adam May (drums) with the addition of Van Walker on guitar. The album was co-produced by Stringer and the Killjoys’ Craig Pilkington, who engineered and played guitar on Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu’s renowned debut and has produced/engineered many of Australia’s greats.

Sunday, August 30 >>> Dominic Pierce (Close to Modern) <<< 10am-Noon
dominic pierce
Dominic Pierce is the man behind some of the most soulful and beat-driven music coming out of Canada today. Building on a deep house catalogue that has become highly sought after by fans in Canada, the United States and France, he continues to explore the wide spectrum of tempo with sounds that fit no convention but his own. His energy-fused deep house, jazz and slow jam sets have recently opened for acts such as Fred Falke and Jaqcues Greene, and he’s garnered support both internationally and at home by U-Tern, Kartell, Sammy Bananas, Jamaica, Brodinski and more.

Sunday, August 30 >>> Flutes (Close to Modern) <<< 10am-Noon DJ Stage (Presented by Dominic Pierce)

Sunday, August 30 >>> Cory Zaradur (Inner Ocean Records) <<< Noon-2pm DJ Stage (Presented by Dominic Pierce)
Each track on “All That We Share” begins with the same consistent and progressive tones. A thick lethargic flourish. Cory Zaradur is forcing the listener to place themselves amongst any of the following cliches: a dense metropolis, a vast ocean, the arresting wilderness, or the unimaginable expanse of space. The result is a pressing and significant perspective. Rising layers of melodic guitar and minimalistic drum beats offer a contemplative refuge that ultimately leads to personal but synthesized placement. “All That We Share” found its beginnings in a single hand-painted cassette tape that expanded into Zaradur’s first full length release and the debut for Inner Ocean Records. The albums finale, “as long as space endures,” refuses to go beyond the blunted, murky soundscape it begins with. But, by grace of the methodical swells on prior tracks, this sound no longer contains an anxious dull ache; it is now comfortable, meditative and familiar.

Sunday, August 30 >>> Cov Tpada <<< 2-4pm DJ Stage (Presented by Dominic Pierce)

Sunday, August 30 >>> ON2 <<< 4-6pm DJ Stage (Presented by Dominic Pierce)

MC 7 Year | Musician Guide | Saturday

Saturday, August 29 >>> All Hands on Jane <<< 5pm

All Hands on Jane; Captained by three Calgary girls looking to make some sweaty, far-out rock. Prolific exporters of grunge-blues fury, with some psychedelia allowed.

“The outcome is a different kind of girl band. Loud, full of guitar built on a tough rhythm section, but not aggressive and ripping, tearing away. Instead the counterpart is flowing, enticing, persuasive and sensuous.

All Hands on Jane may have a Sabbath connection and a bit of Seattle seeping through (Nirvana’s “Love Buzz” often makes the set list), but they noticeably deviate from metal and punk by absorbing the big, gushing bluesy feel of Cream and Hendrix and drawing from Mudhoney’s sweet spot, fuzz box psychedelia.” {Beatroute AB}

Saturday, August 29 >>> I Am the Mountain <<< 4pm
I Am the Mountain layer brass and string accents beneath the loving vocal delivery of songwriter, Colton O’Reilly. With a freshly introduced songbook of laid-back sounds from Western Canada’s lake country – with the release of their debut EP, While of Adventuring – this collective’s rotating cast of young musicians breath friendship into every room or campfire they grace.

Saturday, August 29 >>> No Famous Death <<< 3pm
No Famous Death is a band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They draw from indie rock, old country, and blues. Their records are bedroom-y and sort of trippy in a sleep-dep kind of way, and in person they are a sprightly moderately loud rock trio. Their latest album, Dark Joy is the musical equivalent of sitting in a cold vinyl chair without a shirt on.

Saturday, August 29 >>> Home <<< 2pm
Home is a creative collective formed by Evan Freeman, Paul Gettis, Carl Ayer and Michael Caswell. Home: cinematic folk and rock music that speaks soulfully on their debut self-titled EP.

Saturday, August 29 >>> The Wells <<< 1pm
Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.24.42 AM
The Wells are bringing a new Jazz feel to the Alternative Rock scene in Calgary with music that stays on the edge of new sound with underlying tones reminiscent of a time gone by. Currently working on their debut album which is being made completely independantly The Wells are part of the newest generation of Calgary bands to come out of the woodwork and begin to make a name for themselves.

Saturday, August 29 >>> Lisa Anderson <<< Noon Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.39.27 AM
Lisa Anderson has been involved in music and theatre since a young age, participating in school programs as well as studying classical piano and voice through the Royal Conservatory of Canada. Her most important career highlights to date include being awarded an honorable mention at the 2015 Calgary Folk Fest Songwriting Contest, performing at the historic Lougheed House in Calgary, Canada as part of Alberta Culture Days, at the FACYL music festival in Salamanca, Spain, and launching her debut album in April 2013 with the sponsorship of Spain’s Los 40 principales radio station.

From 2013-2014 she was involved in a multi-disciplinary project called Mantis with a Fork which combined music, visual arts, humour and social critique. Aside from song-writing and performing, Lisa Anderson currently works as a vocal coach at the Aheer School of Performance in Chestermere Alberta.

Saturday, August 29 >>> Overland <<< 10am-Noon
Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.55.22 AM
Driven by this ethos, Overland’s foray into dance music became a foray across international lines. Not content with spending hours hunkering in the annals of blogs and charts, Overland decided to take to the streets, spending every free moment on the club floor where dance music culture is actively being forged. By turning her numerous encounters with touring DJs into opportunities to research new sounds, Overland began filling her crate with an eclectic blend of cutting edge selections.

Saturday, August 29 >>> Crimson <<< 10am-Noon DJ Stage (Presented by Overland)

Saturday, August 29 >>> Themes <<< Noon-2pm DJ Stage (Presented by Overland)
Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.03.19 AM
Saturday, August 29 >>> Kline <<< 2-4pm DJ Stage (Presented by Overland)

Saturday, August 29 >>> Anokha <<< 4-6pm DJ Stage (Presented by Overland)
Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.30.26 AM

MC 7 Year | Musician Guide | Friday

Friday, August 28 >>> Devonian Gardens <<< 8pm
Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 9.13.36 PM
Calgary’s Devonian Gardens are five of the sublimely experienced, and with Solar Shifting they exhibit the laid back devotion of a group that has done its own for years. The tools and accents are many, swarming the waves and sines with harp fuzz, gnarly 12-string twang, joyous reverb coil vibrations and divine five-part vocal harmonies (just to name a few). Deceivingly loose in its technicality, the pastel psychedelia preached here may very well iterate the decades of past, present and (!?) future.

Friday, August 28 >>> The Ashley Hundred <<< 7pm
In 1822 General William Ashley sent out the following ad: “To Enterprising Young Men: The Subscriber wishes to engage One Hundred men to ascend the River Missouri to its source to be employed for one, two, or three years.”

Almost 200 years later, five young men with the same pioneering values started making music together. The Ashley Hundred began as an acoustic-folk act in the summer of 2012. Venturing to the forests surrounding their hometown of Calgary, Alberta for inspiration, and to write the songs that would define their early sound. Taking on a bass player to give necessary fullness to their songs, The Ashley Hundred soon began to add further instruments and effects to their guitar, banjo, and percussion foundation. The resulting lineup of Brett Cassidy (Banjo, Lap Steel, Vocals), Chad Dalley (Drums), Andrew Franks (Guitar, Keys, Vocals), Jordan Moe (Bass, Vocals) and Carson Stewart (Guitar, Keys, Vocals) were able to combine their array of influences, which range from traditional folk to psychedelic and post-rock, to create sonic stew of swirling ambience, soaring harmonies, melodic bass lines, tribal-esque drumming and frenzied banjo picking. A sound that the band refers to fondly as “Folkadelic”.

Friday, August 28 >>> The Static Shift <<< 6pm
The Static Shift is a power trio comprised of Mitchell Brady (Guitar / Vocals), Keone Friesen (Bass / Backup Vocals), and Isaiah Stonehouse (Drums / Backup Vocals) whose original works form an electrifying collaboration of free flowing precision, old school vibe, and high energy blues / rock. Inspired by the 60s and 70s, their sound radiates classic / blues rock n’ roll rides with romps of alternative, indie and psychedelic rock. The Album Windsor Street released in 2014 was acclaimed for strong guitar riff’s, flowing vocals, and booming support grooves. The Static Shift is in the Top 100 Bands of the Year, by Forkster. Performing venues such as Flames Central, McEwan Hall, The Blues Can, The Roxy, and multiple festivals in Alberta and BC – The Lilac, Beaumont Roots and Blues, and Steamboat Mountain Music Festival to name a few. We have shared the stage with artists like Colin James, Tim Williams, The Sheepdogs, and more. Multiple Best Band, Best Performance, and Best Youth Band winners, and finalists in the 2014 International Songwriters Competition (ISC), top 12 out of more than 18,750 entries. Emulating the hay days of rock and roll in both sound and on stage, The Static Shift is a must see for live music enthusiasts.

Friday, August 28 >>> Isis Graham (Substation Recordings) <<< 4-6pm
isis graham

As the modern era of dance music dawned in the mid 90s, a teenaged Isis Graham glued herself to MuchMusic’s Electric Circus and absorbed every beat of the house music boom. Every instant moved her to the core of her being: the rainbow of lights, the writhing bodies, the headphoned maestros on the decks. And most of all, that beat. That relentless roll and cycle of kick and snare, hat and keys, bass and vocal, elevating her soul and moving her body in her bedroom all alone.

That same teenaged Isis still lives on in the body and mind of one of Calgary’s stalwart hubs of community and music. If she ever reflects on that first tentative moment gracing the decks in a warehouse in 1999, does she feel the circle closing? Does she know that the local scene ringleaders she looked up to then, pulling together musicians and artists to create communal spaces of communication and expression, are now her?

Music is one thing, and community another, but for Ms. Graham the two are mutually and irrevocably linked. As an ardent believer that progress for one means progress for all, Isis spends as much time tweaking EQs as she spends meeting, collaborating and planning with her musical peers. Ten years of promoting women in dance music as one engine behind Girls On Decks are already behind her (with another lifetimes worth of years ahead), residencies and relationships from gay bars to raves notch her belt, and a current residency at Habitat Living Sound includes not only a monthly night of soulful, techy, deep house, Nu*Movement, but a groundbreaking collaborative music production and networking effort called Studio Social.

At the root of it all is the music. The hypnotic, spiritual, relentless music. After collaborating with Western Canadian mainstay Neighbour in 2008, the releases have been coming fast and furious, and only barreling faster as she takes up a leading A/R spot at recently revived Calgary label Substation Recordings. Her sounds are widely strewn across the spectrum of house and independent music – techno and bass are as likely as intimate songwriting fare, and her samples and vibes range from the funky to the deep and back again. The music that drives Isis feeds her soul, and vice versa, and that interplay of perpetual motion will keep this dynamic woman a key piece of Western Canada’s musical puzzle for as many years as she can muster.

Friday, August 28 >>> Matt Caine (Substation) <<< 4-6pm DJ Stage
Matt Caine (Matt Hendrickson) has been a devoted music fan for as long as he can remember. His passion for electronic music arose when Trance and Hard Dance dominated the Calgary scene. As time passed, Matt’s taste has been refined to several sub-genres of house. Since 1999, Matt has sought out mentor ship from local Calgarian heroes Cary Chang, Jon Delerious (Nordic Trax) and Etric Lyons (Kush); each providing a unique base of knowledge for production and playing music. Without their guidance, Matt would not be where he is today.

After DJ’ing for 10 years, Matt decided to start producing. Matt’s tracks are grounded in house; which provide deep, soulful and funky sounds that will soothe any soul. In 2014, Matt will see releases on Moonlight Recordings, Filer Music, Kiko Recordings, Substation Recordings, Vivid North Recordings and his biggest release yet with Jon Delerious on Canadian imprint Nordic Trax.

Matt continues to DJ and with his productions is becoming a recognized name in the house music scene. For three years, Matt played alongside Jon Delerious every Friday at The Bamboo Tiki Room, which ended in 2012 as a new job opportunity at Habitat Living Sound. As the GM of Habitat Living Sound, Matt is surrounded by his passion everyday. Matt hosts Nu*Movement with co-host Isis Graham with guests each month and continues to gather bookings in Calgary and surrounding areas. Matt has opened for house heavy hitters such as: Fred Everything, Jimpster, Inland Knights, Chuck Love, Shur-I-Kan and Pezzner (just to name a few).

With constant bookings and new tracks being released, Matt has a bright future ahead of him. Whether you see him live in a club or listen to his tracks at home, be sure to keep an out for Matt Caine.

Friday, August 28 >>> Rusty Meeks (Substation) <<< 6-7:30pm DJ Stage
Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 9.55.41 PM
Rusty Meeks (aka Tyrek) has never lived inside the confines of a single genre of electronic music. Residing in Calgary, Rusty is a very familiar name in the local DJ community, with regular gigs at the city’s premiere nightclubs like Hifi and Habitat, and annual appearances at music festivals like Motion Notion, Fozzy Fest, and Freezer Burn. Recognized for the diversity of his DJ sets, and top notch production under his 2 aliases (Rusty Meeks and Tyrek) in a variety of styles, Rusty is highly involved in the local music scene hosting a monthly residency called Noir and assisting in grassroots projects such as Bassbus. Globally, Rusty Meeks has played at nightclubs and beach raves in Malaysia, Ecuador, and the US.

Producing under his house music alias “Tyrek” he reached #2 spot on Beatport’s Minimal House charts with his debut release “Showdown EP” on New Era Recordings. Since then Tyrek has had successful releases on labels such as Atomic Zoo, Warm Walls, HEAVY and Telepathy. Before “Tyrek” and house music was the main focus of his production, Rusty Meeks produced top 100 Beatport hits in the genres of Drum & Bass, Dubstep, and Glitch-Hop.

Rusty Meeks is also the co-founder of Substation Recordings (alongside partners Isis Graham, Sean McNeilly and Dylan Kennedy), an independent house music label with a Western Canada focus.

Friday, August 28 >>> Lenza (Substation) <<< 7:30-9pm DJ Stage

Calgary Folk Music Festival | Local Stage | 2015

On Friday, July 24, Calgary Folk Music Festival, Market Collective, and Welcome to the West are partnering up to bring you a FREE outdoor matinee concert in Eau Claire. Bring out your friends, family, colleagues, and fellow Folk Fest mates before they open the Prince’s Island gates.

Starting at 11:30am on the TD Stage 1 will be Rotary Park followed by Windigo and The Bitterweed Draw. Read up on these local diamonds here:

Rotary Park >>> Friday, July 24 Stage 1 <<< 11:30am
Rotary Park is a Calgary based band playing a special brand of harmony driven, Canadian folk-bluegrass fusion. Known for their high energy and diverse live performances this quintet has proven to be the perfect fit for any type of event. The combination of ambient folk music, powerful vocal harmonies and banjo ripping bluegrass brings a unique type of Canadian music to the table. One thing is sure, they will have your hands clapping and feet stomping! Rotary Park has made a name for themselves playing many different festivals, corporate functions and packed venues throughout Canada since 2011. With the release of their second full length album and another tour across Canada in 2015, the future is looking brighter than ever for this fine group of gentlemen.

Windigo >>> Friday, July 24 Stage 1 <<< 12:30pm

Dreamy melodies and psychedelic summer pop. Windigo is a four piece indie-rock band founded in Calgary Alberta in 2012. Layering warm sun soaked guitar tones into soundscapes driven by progressive rhythms; the group cleverly crafts a diverse, yet collective sound. Fronted by vocalists, Severtson, Kameka, and Mason, the band is able to explore several avenues of musical expression; from high energy, dance friendly anthems to slow heartfelt ballads. Windigo’s last commercial album Retrospectrum was released over two years ago. Since then, the band has written a new catalogue and improved their live performances. With a new EP and album on the horizon for 2015, Windigo is bound to turn some heads.

The Bitterweed Draw >>> Friday, July 24 Stage 1 <<< 1:30pm
This riotous and swaggering six-piece honky-tonk juggernaut has ignited crowds from coast to coast. The Bitterweed Draw has over 300 performances under their belt spanning a range of venues including large festival stages, crowded bars, local markets, private functions, on-air radio, and whiskey swiggin’ sunrises aplenty.

Over the course of five years, The Bitterweed Draw has toured across Canada and has released multiple recording projects including The Burnt Cabin Sessions (2011, EP) and Heart of the Old West (2012, LP). Wheatland County Rag, their Sophomore LP, is set to be released in the Spring of 2015, with a national and international tour to follow.

Five Sessions | Calgary Folk Fest Artists | 2015

As I prepare to head down to Prince’s Island Park for the 36th Annual Calgary Folk Music Festival, wavelengths of formative memories sweep across my mind. Late July in Alberta is truly the meat and potatoes of summer, with exciting show business elements around every bend. There are hundreds of artists passing back and forth through Calgary from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and touching down via airplane. Sixteen hours of daylight and brooding prairie storm clouds make for a tantalizing blood rush: sleep seems rather undesirable.

Over last handful of years, the Welcome to the West project has benefited greatly from the programming of CFMF. As local tastemakers, they have introduced us to many pivotal characters who have helped to form the artistic vision of this collection. Our first introduction to the Festival was a guerrilla-style pool party recording with Seattle’s the Head and the Heart. The following year, we welcomed Pokey LaFarge and his band with this living room session. Last year, we hosted a private filming with New Zealand’s Tiny Ruins inside an old schoolhouse..

This year’s lineup is looking incredible – and as always, our crew has some tricks up our sleeves. Here are five beautifully filmed sessions from this year’s performers {Two of our own from the vault} the Wooden Sky, Reuben and the Dark, Frazey Ford, Laura Leif and Jennifer Castle. For your viewing & listening pleasure:

The Wooden Sky >>> Thursday, July 23 Stage 4 <<< 7:25pm

Reuben and the Dark >>> Thursday, July 23 Stage 4 <<< 8:50pm

Frazey Ford >>> Friday, July 24 Mainstage <<< 6:45pm

Laura Leif >>> Sunday, July 26 Stage 2 <<< 10:30am

Jennifer Castle >>> Sunday, July 26 Stage 4 <<< 12:50pm

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