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Electric Barn | Music Series | August 27

One final show in the six week ‘Electric Barn’ experience at Edmonton’s Cafe Mosaics. It began as an idea to repurpose two parking spots on Whyte Avenue. A set of jurors deliberated over a handful of imaginative & interactive public space designs submitted by student architects. Cody Jew, Dan Syzmanski, Winston Yuen and Ivan Au — all architecture students at the University of Calgary — pitched the winning project: URB PRK ‘Electric Barn’. Every Saturday from July 23-August 27, Welcome to the West curated a unique cast of musicians to perform a street level music fest using the reimagined 90-year-old dilapidated barn as a stage.

For the last hurrah, we have programmed the world debut of People Who Decided to Chill out alongside clawhammering specialist Amy Nelson, the emotionally soul-shattering Norman Fields, and LIM of artistic expressionist powerhouse: Kinfolk DJs.
Saturday, August 27 >>> LIM >>> 4-6pm
Lim is one of three core members of Kinfolk – a group of tastemakers born from the vision of a unified community of artistic expressionists. A community that believes in the shedding of the pretence & fragmentation that is so often associated with art, music, partying, and life. As a community, we promote the weaving of subcultures while rejecting their segregation. We believe everyone is an artist & deserves a canvas on which to express themselves—whether the medium is fashion, costume, music, sexuality, poetry, visual art, or simply smiling, all are welcome & encouraged at Kinfolk; with but one caveat: positive expression. We believe that people belong with one another. We believe they should strive to enjoy life & all it has to offer together, under a unified umbrella. This is Kinfolk. Get under the umbrella!

Saturday, August 27 >>> Norman Fields >>> 6pm

Jaunty melancholic alt-folk with flavours of Elliot Smith and the Weakerthans. idiosyncratic, goofy and devastating sterile heartbreak spun into musical hugs. Norman Fields.
Saturday, August 27 >>> Amy Nelson >>> 7pm
Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 9.53.10 AM
Amy Nelson is an old-time clawhammer banjoist and traditional folk singer. Her influences range from old blues, ragtime, country and mountain music. She sings from the gut and harkens back to a time long ago when music was not only a form of entertainment but a way of connecting to the heart of everyday people.

Saturday, August 27 >>> People Who Decided to Chill Out >>> 7pm


Electric Barn | Music Series | August 20

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.02.11 PM

For the fifth edition of the ‘Electric Barn’ Series at Whyte Avenue’s URB PRK, we have programmed a lineup featuring three esteemed songwriters beating down new pathways in their music careers. Edmonton’s Eva Foote has returned to her home city to release her latest album, ‘Funeral Walking’ on August 29th at the The Needle Vinyl Tavern alongside Lyra Brown and Bramwell Park. Calgary-born turned Edmo resident, Kurt Loewen is the frontman of the multidimensional traditional folk dance outfit, the Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra will be performing a solo set at Cafe Mosaics ahead of RR Pegasus, a new musical direction by Steven Young of Laser Cake and Body Waves.

Saturday, August 20 >>> Eva Foote >>> 6pm
Eva Foote is lilacs personified – summery vocals, soft harmonies. lyrics laced with hope and nostalgia. Edmonton is home, but now lives in Montreal, Quebec where she studies theatre.

Saturday, August 20 >>> Kurt Loewen >>> 7pm

Kurt Loewen formed the Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra a decade ago – they are are a collection of musicians, linked by common sonic journeys and familial ties. It doesn’t matter much how they got here, but rather that they are traveling with each other. Now they are here in the room with you, the way music in the folk tradition always is, to bring people together; to share real flesh, blood and feeling. They’ll weave their stories with guitars and violins, with accordions and bass, with melodies and music makers gleaned from their wanderings. Here are the troubadours to remind you that this music (no matter what kind of device it ends up on) could not exist without warm bodies in search of harmony.

What happens when you gather at a house beside the lake, for the music and the meals and the daily walk with the dog to the sea? When you lose a lover or become one, when you get married, and when you have to leave? Here is the song that will tell so much more than the words: sing of the things that burn brighter and work hearts harder, with melodies that linger salient as memories, too haunting to forget.

LOVE is an album about that much-storied sentiment that is certainly no stranger to a song. What makes The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra’s love songs unique is that it collects differing experiences into one harmonized narrative, teasing apart the layers and revealing how hard good people work to be good to each other. It’s an album that speaks to the consequences of love in its many forms, seeing it as both sugar and lemons, suggesting that to have one without the other would make the recipe incomplete.

Saturday, August 20 >>> RR Pegasus >>> 8pm
RR Pegasus is the new music persona of Steven Young, front man of Calgary pop group Laser Cake. Although on hiatus, LC has a tight regional following, performing select shows in support of they’re 2016 single, Superstitious.

Saturday, August 20 >>> DJ LeeBoyes >>> 4-6pm

Electric Barn | Music Series | August 13

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 8.21.39 AM

We are now mid way through this six weekend, street side concert series on Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue with plentiful show nuggets remaining in our boots. For those whom haven’t yet experienced the URB PRK ‘Electric Barn’, the venue spans an area usually dedicated to parked vehicles on a bustling commercial thoroughfare. Up-and-coming architects designed this bandstand/relaxation zone to face the open patio face of Cafe Mosaics, so the audience is a collection of dinner guests, curious foot traffic, and cyclists/motorists in transit. The Cafe serves artistic, eye-popping vegan and vegetarian cuisine, high quality pressed juice, and brightly coloured cocktails among other delights – there are also reoccurring canine friends being friendly and supervising the storefront in an entertaining fashion. Three more Saturdays: what will we think of next?

Saturday, August 13 >>> Ryan Bourne >>> 8pm
Ryan Bourne is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose work connects the dots between unabashed songcraft and the outer limits of psychedelic rock. He usually performs with Eric Hamelin (Chad Van Gaalen, nomoreshapes) Steve Fletcher (Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Woodpigeon), and Ian Jarvis (Ghostkeeper, Chairs), and plays in Calgary bands Deadhorse and Extra Happy Ghost!!!. He has performed at Pop Montreal, Halifax Pop Explosion and Sled Island. Ryan’s debut album, ‘Supermodern World Of Beauty’ is a psychedelic pop piece produced by Jay Crocker (Ghostkeeper, nomoreshapes) at Calgary-based Artunit Studios, released in Canada in May 2010 on Saved By Radio.

Saturday, August 13 >>> Chin Up, White Leaf >>> 7pm
Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 6.50.25 PM
With it’s first signs of inception in 2010, ‘Chin Up, White Leaf’ began as a previously unnamed collection of work kept from the world beneath basement floorboards. Though under the navigation, haunt and charm for conscientious lines and seamless melodics, it became apparent that a basement dwelling may not be a place for the health of such things. However personal, telling or inviting of nervous footing.

One day earlier this century, a decision was made to overthrow the weight of hesitant energies to free the contents of the beloved floorboard and also those of the originator. And in doing this came a new era for the old and the new pieces of the collection to run free under a new name. New like the leaves but always changing like the blood and its courses within them. A resurrection in part of a former title held by the best ones.

Saturday, August 13 >>> Ella Coyes & Jasper Smith >>> 6pm
After meeting at a local open mic in Edmonton Alberta, Jasper’s hometown, this pair quickly connected. Finding kinship in similar influence, including Ryan Adams and Blake Mills, the two began co-writing and rearranging Coyes’ acoustic folk songs. Although young, Coyes displays a wise voice and presence, while Smith provides a unique and youthful guitar sound.

Summer of 2016 had them performing at festivals around Alberta, including Kaleido festival, Edmonton Folk Festival and Canmore Folk Festival, and releasing their debut EP Soon the Wind Came, Coyes and Smith are hungry for more. Ella & Jasper will be releasing a single in the winter of 2016.

Saturday, August 6 >>> DJ Lana >>> 4-6pm

OQO | Cambodian Song | Music Video

Every July, for now three years running, a South Alberta convergence of long distance talents occurs. The creators of the OQO music project, Ian Griffiths (Quadra Island, British Columbia) and Jacques Mindreau (Halifax, Nova Scotia) are separated by over 6400km for the majority of the calendar year.

Communication is exclusive to electronic means leading up to tours and recording is a seasonal activity. This summer, we held an intimate concert experience at the Thorny Rose Cafe in the liberal arts hamlet of Rosebud and experienced a 24 hour expedition through the Canadian Badlands. Cambodian Song was primarily filmed by Brendan Kane of Welcome to the West inside Horseshoe Canyon, East Coulee and select locations near Rosebud & Wayne, Alberta with photography direction by visual artist, Amy Braun.

OQO means balance. This coastal Canadian trio sounds like a ménage-a-six between Yann Tiersen, Sigur Rós, Beirut, Gogol Bordello, Cinematic Orchestra and Phillip Glass. The band writes original, cinematic, operatic folklore for Accordion, Violin, Voice, Contrabass and the occasional Synthesizer. Ian Griffiths on Accordion and synth, Keith Rodger on Upright Bass and Jacques Mindreau on Violin and Voice have been enchanting audiences across Canada with performances at Arts Wells Festival, Tiny Lights Festival, South Country Fair, Deep Roots Music Fest, Market Fest, Market Collective and dozens of others.

OQO released their second album “OQO Pt. 2” June 1st 2016. The band is touring the record across Canada from June through August 2016. Find tour dates at OQO is made up of members from two prominent Canadian folk bands, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra and Krasnogorsk. Originally a duo, OQO began as a collaboration between Accordionist, Songwriter Ian Griffiths and Violinist, Composer, Vocal Virtuoso Jacques Mindreau. The pair were joined in 2014 by Mount Royal University Jazz Performance graduate Keith Rodger on Upright Bass.

OQO toured the Kingdom of Cambodia in January and February of 2015 a trip that would take them on a 500km motorcycle adventure through the South East Asian country side and to the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat where the band performed and shot a music video. The group’s first Asian Tour the opened their eyes to extreme disparity and but also the resilience of the human spirit and the ability for art to empower. They performed at orphanages, schools in poor neighbourhoods and taught music to disadvantaged youth at Music Arts School in the nations capital Phnom Penh.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 2.16.58 PM

Electric Barn | Music Series | August 6

By Madeleine Cummings, Edmonton Examiner
A 90-year-old dilapidated barn from a plot of land near Hay Lakes has found a new home on Whyte Avenue, reimagined as a public seating area and music venue. The angular wooden structure juts outside of Cafe Mosaics on Whyte, between 108 and 109 Streets, and features cosy nooks and benches for seating, bike-powered nighttime lights, local art from Haylee Fortin, and native plants from the Edmonton Native Plant Group. Cody Jew, Dan Syzmanski, Winston Yuen and Ivan Au — all architecture students at the University of Calgary — pitched the winning project during a design competition for emerging architects and planners earlier this year. Projects had to be sustainable, innovative and interactive.

After the team won the competition in early June, they power-washed the old barn’s old cedar planks and spent a month building the frame and transporting the bulky parts via van loads and a 30-foot moving truck. They had a shoestring budget of $2,500 (from Cafe Mosaics), which forced them to be creative and rely on help from volunteers at the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society and ENPG. The students, who for several weeks logged 15-hour days on the project, said they wouldn’t have been able to build it if three out of four of them hadn’t been unemployed during the summer months. They’re returning to school in the fall to continue their master’s degrees in architecture.

Ivan Au, who handled programming and software construction for the team, said the experience was a rare chance to apply skills learned in school to a real-life project. “It was a great opportunity to execute a project from start to finish,” he said. Since the urban park opened on July 1, Khuyen Khuong (of Cafe Mosaics) said it’s been humming with passersby, especially pets and children, who love to climb all over the structure. While the students were building the barn, so many people asked them about the project that they had to have someone stationed there all day answering questions. The wooden recumbent bike that doubles as a phone charger has also been a big hit. “People love that it charges their phones,” Khuong said.

The students planned to donate the wood to Habitat for Humanity after the structure is dismantled at the end of the summer, but they’re gaging interest over the coming weeks to see if Edmontonians would support making the park permanent. Brendan Kane from Welcome to the West has curated a program of weekly concerts (running every Saturday from 4-9 p.m. until Aug. 27) at the park, designed to feature emerging and established local musicians.

Saturday, August 6 >>> The Heirlooms >>> 8pm
The Heirlooms is an up-and-coming, five piece group of groove induced youngsters that formed in early January of 2015. Their music has been described as “a kaleidoscopic patchwork of intelligent and emotional brilliance”-Mark Steele of Sound Blab UK.They have a second album titled ‘Ma-Me-O Beach’ set to release in early March of 2016. Not yet a year from the release of their first album ‘These Days Too Shall Pass’ which was released in July of 2015. After three members moved to Calgary from High River AB to further pursue musical careers they were heavily supported by many well established local bands and venues with the intention of furthering Calgary in becoming a prolific and influential arts community in Canada.

Saturday, August 6 >>> Layten Kramer >>> 7pm
Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 6.32.11 PM
In the fall of 2013, Layten Kramer decided to leave his hometown Canmore, AB to grow roots in the Pacific Northwest to cultivate a new and more developed sound, collaborate with other musicians, and experience life as an artist in the city. Kramer built up a repertoire of songs amidst the rainy coastal winter. In the spring of 2014, he gathered his belongings and returned to Alberta to reunite with his best friends Dean Kheroufi and Connor Ellinger to record a homemade EP. That summer, Kramer was awarded the Grand Prize in the Calgary Stampede Talent Search 2014, which helped to fund the recording of his debut EP Through the Days.

Saturday, August 6 >>> Saint Nico >>> 6pm
Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 6.37.18 PM
Saturday, August 6 >>> The Future Language >>> 4-6pm
Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 6.41.53 PM
If you dig the weirder and waxier side of life, tune your eardrums for two hours of riveting misfit music – lotsa fuzz lotsa noise and no fun. Helen Young hosts The Future Language every Wednesday on CJSW 90.9 FM from Noon-2pm.

Electric Barn | Music Series | July 30


Saturday, July 30 >>> Fever Feel >>> 8pm
Fever Feel is an original rock and roll band of 2016, founded by primary songwriters Landon Franklin and Logan Gabert. However, they are much more than just a group of musicians. Fever Feel is a culture, a movement, and part of a new age for rock and roll music.

Causing listeners to dance and sing, then lose all control with their captivating visions of a simpler time, Fever Feel’s sound is comprised of emotionally dynamic, groove-filled compositions that lay the foundation for Franklin’s thought provoking poetry. Gabert’s guitar leads, abounding in both power and delicacy, soar with an enigmatic finesse. These make way for Platt’s equally compelling organ tones, which are shrouded in subtlety, yet executed violently. Together they shine like a moonlit night, contrasting the bands tight rhythm section led by Franklin and his melodic bass playing.

Saturday, July 30 >>> Rotary Park >>> 7pm
Rotary Park is a Calgary based band playing a special brand of harmony driven, alternative bluegrass. The combination of ambient folk music, powerful vocal harmonies and banjo ripping bluegrass brings a unique brand of Canadian music to the table.

Saturday, July 30 >>> Cayley Thomas >>> 6pm
cayley thomas
Although fairly new to the Canadian music scene, Cayley Thomas’ career has had an impressive trajectory. In 2013 she released a five-song EP ‘Ash Mountains,’ written after the loss of her brother Alex Thomas-Haug. The album went on to receive national airplay and peaked at #3 on the CKUA radio charts.

Early invitations to the 2014 Edmonton and Canmore Folk Music Festivals helped continue to pave the way for this ambitious performer. Additionally, in 2015 Thomas was selected to perform at the Winter Lights Festival in Iceland as a part of a cultural exchange between Alberta Music and the Reykjavik Tourism Board.

In 2016, Cayley will release her debut LP ‘Weird Love.’ Over a year in the making, the album is a diverse collection of vintage pop for modern audiences. A string of live performances will accompany the release, followed by a theatre run as Juliet for the Freewill Shakespeare Company in May. In the fall Thomas plans to continue expanding her career as an artist, touring the album both as a solo act and with a supporting band.

Saturday, July 30 >>> T. Salty Soundsystem >>> 4-6pm
T. Salty Soundsystem is the live DJ project by the frontman of Edmonton’s flowery psych/garage act, Betrayers. Expect 1960s soul, garage rock, bubble gum, surf & pysch.