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An Introduction to Flyingakite


Three of the Canadian prairie’s brightest voices sang together for the first time last night, forming a new group called Flyingakite. The namesake is derived from Calgary-based singing banjoist Amy Nelson’s art-thirsty online lifestyle and fashion platform. Joining her, Ardrossan Alberta’s Kayla Hotte (Kayla Hotte & Her Rodeo Pals) and Fir Mountain, Saskatchewan’s Kacy Lee Anderson (of Kacy & Clayton).

I learned of each performer and their music last year through attending various concerts, sleuthing online, and via numerous recommendations from dear friends (Luke Thomson, Mike Tod & Robbie Bankes). Once acquainted, I steadfastly observed a similar prowess and air of confidence which shone beyond any genre alikeness. Despite obvious country and western surface elements, each musician focuses their repertoire on distinctly unique stylistic origins.

Nelson’s primitive, shrilly delivered vocals and clawhammer picking reckons influence within North Eastern American Appalachian music. She was a featured artist in last year’s Calgary Collection, a documentary series analyzing the meaning of regional folk music. Her favorite music is blues, rag time, old-time, old country and Mountain music. Some of her favorites include Dock Boggs, Roscoe Holcomb, Ola Belle Reed, Clarence Ashley, Etta Baker and Elizabeth Cotten.

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Kayla Hotte & Her Rodeo Pals play 1940’s style Country & Western music. Kayla Hotte’s love of vintage music is evident in her song choice and writing style.

Kayla is a recent graduate of the Grant MacEwan University Music Program. Although The Rodeo Pals are a fairly new project (formed in the spring of 2012), Kayla has been a performing musician for the majority of her life. She started with her family bluegrass band and as soon as she was old enough, she started her own. It began with the Bluegrass Angels, and extended to Shortgrass, The Kayla & Erin Show and now, The Rodeo Pals.

The Rodeo Pals have included some of Edmonton’s finest musicians such as Matthew Hotte, Jamie Philp, Marc Ladouceur, Luke Deutekom, Keith Burgess, and Gary Okrainec. Among her primary influences: Kitty Wells, Hank Williams, Buck Owens, Patsy Cline, Bob Wills, Ray Price, Faron Young, Hank Penny, George Jones, Tammy Wynette and Red Foley.

Hailing from the Wood Mountain Uplands of Southern Saskatchewan, Kacy Lee Anderson recently released her debut EP, Barrel Racer/Cowboy Chaser, a brilliant three-song teaser of things to come. She is half of a duo her second cousin, Clayton Linthicum. The duo interprets and composes music inspired by forms of traditional music from Southern Appalachia and the British Isles. Educated by their Grandfather/Great-Uncle respectively, Kacy & Clayton possess an admiration for music and stories of days past. Kacy’s vocals, virtuous and pure, weave seamlessly with Clayton’s finger-style guitar accompaniment. Although the pair are young in age, they’ve been playing music together for over a decade and have created a distinctive, and cohesive sound.

Some of her musical influences include: Leadbelly, Big Bill Broonzy, The Deep Dark Woods, Shirley Collins, Davy Graham, Mississippi John Hurt, Charley Patton, and Bob Dylan.

Welcome to the West is proud to present Flyingakite for the first time on Friday, May 22 at Sunalta Community Centre in Calgary.

Petunia ‘Free as the Wind’ Album Release


Market Collective | Musician Guide | May 1-3

Friday, May 1 >>> Shalom Toy (Chin Up, White Leaf) <<< 8pm
_MG_2853 3 (2)

Shalom Toy is Chin Up, White Leaf. A bright, emerging Alberta singer/songwriter who has been quietly progressing and humbly honing her craft in her Calgary home. A genuine artist at heart, you might find Shalom scribbling, sketching, strumming or singing – elatedly submerged in her work as a basement club of one tackling multiple creative fronts. And now, much to our delight, Shalom has lifted her gaze to share with us in song. Simple, honest, frail and fresh, with a shrill voice and sincere lyrics to catch flight amongst interesting melodies.

Friday, May 1 >>> Valiska <<< 7pm


Valiska is the project of Calgary based experimental musician Krzysztof Sujata. Started in early 2010, it’s a project that brings together ambient, drone and noise music, with elements of modern composition. The music took shape and inspiration from the environment, Calgary being a place of both a large city feel, and of a natural beauty: nature and city life coexisting, the beauty amongst the noise. 

Through the use of guitar, synthesizers, field recordings, piano and a laptop, Krzysztof creates music that is often highly textural and emotionally intense.

Friday, May 1 >>> DJ Roy LT <<< 4-7pm


With solid gold beats, ROY LT puts a regal touch on every thang’. A DJ’s DJ, ROY LT pushes the limits of the dance floor to new territories while staying true to the classics. You can catch him spinning records every Thursday night at Local 510.

Saturday, May 2 >>> 4011 (Taylor Lysohirka) <<< 10am-Noon

Saturday, May 2 >>> SAVK <<< Noon

Raw, rough, uncomfortably honest, fast and violent, then suddenly smooth and soaring. SAVK wears his heart on his sleeve, then throws it, still beating, at the audience. This Canadian Indie act uses deep rooted flavours and combines it with international inspirations to perfectly depict his home sound. Beginning as a solo act for Stephen van Kampen after the demise of Calgary’s rock and roll orchestra “Beija Flor” SAVK’s debut self titled release is a study in vulnerable live folk rock. Now joined by an amazing team of musicians including Paul van Kampen (The Magnetic North, Beija Flor), Brett Gunther (Beija Flor, Buzzing Bees), Stefan Smith (Crescent Heights, Coldwater) and Matt Chaplin (Prairie of Prax, Joule). SAVK has just recently released their anticipated sophomore record “Love Letters and Hate Mail” to rave reviews and critical acclaim.

Saturday, May 2 >>> DeepOne <<< 1-3pm

Transcending all traditional, normative constraints, Remy Stanbury (AKA. DeepOne), has risen from the depths of Calgary’s underground electronica scene to bring you music from the trenches for years. Exhibiting skillz that bring the party to its peak, DeepOne excites the senses with intelligently designed House, Break-Beats, DnB, Post-Digital Glitch Hop, and ground-breaking Future Bass.

Saturday, May 2 >>> The Royal Foundry <<< 3pm
Royal Foundry

Just days after Bethany and Jared were married they started The Royal Foundry and were quickly thrown into the deep end of the music industry. Playing their first show together on live television at the GMA Awards for their nominated single “Run Back.” Within weeks they had gone from engaged couple to married and sharing the stage with the likes of Paul Brandt, High Valley and George Canyon.

Jared Salte grew up surrounded by music. From the day he was born his father was touring nearly 8 months of the year playing in front of thousands all across North America and Europe. At age 5 Jared started playing the piano and quickly developed a deep affection for all things music. By age 11 he was running the recording studio Salt Shaker Studios. Age 14 he had won his first international songwriting competition, 15 released his first CD and 19 opening for The Newsboys in stadiums across North America with his band the Junkyard Poets. Through Jared’s musical endeavours he has gone on to win 9 GMA Awards and pick up 30 plus nominations including Producer of the Year, making him the youngest Producer to ever be nominated for the prestigious award.

Bethany grew up in the church as a Pastor’s daughter with her mother as the pianist and choir director. She was often coerced into singing affairs from a young age, with the encouragement of her mother not only within the church, but at many fundraisers and community events. Her love of music only grew throughout her teenage years as she was involved in all of the high school musicals, playing the female lead. To no surprise, after she graduated from high school, she embarked on a journey that took her all over the world for the next three years. During that time abroad her lyrical and musical gifts matured as she began exploring new territories of music from the unique cultures all around her.

Saturday, May 2 >>> Colin Gallant (Sled Island) <<< 4-6pm
Sunday, May 3 >>> Lindsay Bowman (Sled Island) <<< 1-4:30pm


Sunday, May 3 >>> Chad Saunders <<< 10am-Noon

Join CJSW host Chad Saunders every Friday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm MST (evening for our friends listening in Hungary!) for ‘Allergy to the Fans’. Don’t be surprised if you hear Guy LaFleur’s disco hockey album one minute and some rare gem from the “who knows when this song was actually recorded” pile the next. Hot tracks, cool wax and everything in between. Dig it.

Sunday, May 3 >>> CATS <<< Noon

Cats is Rena Nicole, musician/artist/female sound guy from Calgary, Canada. While many of her songs are inspired by death she manages to keep things fun at all times. Rena has been a member of many Calgary bands over the years, as well as having dated members of many Calgary bands, so she’s pretty well connected. Keep it up.

Sunday, May 3 >>> Crystal Eyes <<< 4:30pm
Crystal Eyes was spawned in guerrilla jams in cities across Canada, ranging from Tofino to Moncton. Their first EP ‘No Man is an Island’ is available on Shake! records.

Sunday, May 3 >>> The Popsicles <<< 5:15pm



Market Collective | Musician Guide | March

JJ Shiplett >>> Friday, March 13 <<< 8pm


“I’ll keep singing on…until this well runs dry or this fire dies”
You can sum up JJ Shiplett’s world with the line above (taken from his song Bluejay Highway). A songwriter in every situation and a dedicated player, JJ’s passion for quality music and sincere songs, is only matched by his goal to get everyone dancing. It’s CCR to Ryan Adams to the The Boss. Introducing JJ Shiplett.

The Goodtime Specials >>> Friday, March 13 <<< 7pm


The group formed in 2010 in Calgary, Alberta with three members, Matt Easton (vocals, guitar), John Acheson (vocals, banjo) and Brad van Paridon (bass). Their vocal-driven melodies and catchy riffs were good, but their sound really came together with the addition of Matt Walkey (drums) and Mathieu Pruvot (keys). Since then bars, outdoor crowds and house parties have been awash in a special sort of good time.

DJ McClure >>> Friday, March 13 <<< 4-7pm


Ryan McClure Scott is an emerging sound, video and installation artist from Calgary. He studied at the Alberta College of Art + Design and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Drawing inspiration from low-fi Sci-fi and do-it-yourself programming, Ryan McClure Scott creates work dedicated to his extended adolescent influences.

Backseat Jackson >>> Saturday, March 14 <<< 10am-Noon

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.25.52 AM

Introducing the new DJ duo project (Future Phil & Flutes) from Close To Modern co-founder, Mike MacDonald. The digital label-project based in Calgary with a focus on compiling and sharing our favourite ideas in soul, jazz and electronic. We curate, promote and share this exclusive Canadian content to a growing audience of listeners world-wide.

Kayla Hotte >>> Saturday, March 14 <<< Noon

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.35.25 AM

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Kayla Hotte & Her Rodeo Pals play 1940’s style Country & Western music. Kayla Hotte’s love of vintage music is evident in her song choice and writing style.

Kayla is a recent graduate of the Grant MacEwan University Music Program. Although The Rodeo Pals are a fairly new project (formed in the spring of 2012), Kayla has been a performing musician for the majority of her life. She started with her family bluegrass band and as soon as she was old enough, she started her own. It began with the Bluegrass Angels, and extended to Shortgrass, The Kayla & Erin Show and now, The Rodeo Pals.

Hank Zappa >>> Saturday, March 14 <<< 1-3pm
Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.42.25 AM

The DJ experience created by Danny Vescarelli, frontman for Devonian Gardens: five of the sublimely experienced, and with Solar Shifting (on Brooklyn label, Beyond Beyond is Beyond) they exhibit the laid back devotion of a group that has done its own for years. The tools and accents are many, swarming the waves and sines with harp fuzz, gnarly 12-string twang, joyous reverb coil vibrations and divine five-part vocal harmonies (according to Weird Canada).

The Northwest Passage >>> Saturday, March 14 <<< 3pm
Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.00.13 AM
Calgary’s The Northwest Passage is a five piece outfit led by Paul van Kampen. The group makes haunting, introspective alternative / gloom rock propelled by ominous, revealing lyrics that capture an intimate portrait of life through song.

Each member draws on the inspiration pulled from real life experiences, allowing The Northwest Passage’s unique voice to ring out amongst Canada’s remarkable alternative / rock scene. The songs unfold like chapters of a book, and you are taken away through the sincerity of the melodies and the artistry of the composition.

Corinthian >>> Saturday, March 14 <<< 4-6pm



Techno, noise, experimental and visual distortions by Evangelos Lambrinoudis the popular electronic duo, Sanctums. His main interests include: industrial, mechanical, soldering, technology, society, marxism – a studio maven obsessed with gadgetry.

DJ Science >>> Sunday, March 15 <<< 10am-Noon

A retro DJ, music writer and math tutor, DJ Science aka Kat Dornian is a creative pillar in Calgary and spent four years as music director at CJSW. Her versatile DJ duo, Nrd vs. Gk DJ Services draws from a plethora of musical eras and styles from Buddy Holly to Depeche Mode, from The Supremes to OutKast.

Brent Tyler >>> Sunday, March 15 <<< Noon

Brent Tyler has an intricate and skillful guitar style combined with a disarming and soulful voice befit of his literal seven-foot stature. He balances the soft subtlety of honest and introspective folk music with catchy and powerful soul-roots hooks and melodies born of his childhood influences and contemporary crushes.

A Calgary, Alberta native, Tyler grew up between two contrasting worlds of sport and music. His physical size made him an obvious choice for the University of Calgary basketball team, but his genuine heart beckoned him down a path of music performance. Self-taught from the age of 9 years old, Tyler’s percussive guitar style was influenced heavily by the likes of James Taylor, Martin Sexton, and Dave Matthews. With a voice that bellows the foundation, yet dynamically delicate and sincere, Tyler’s blend of guitar and voice sounds like a whole band.

Hennessy Williams >>> Sunday, March 15 <<< 1-3pm
DJ Reggie Suave photo

Proprietor of Harmonious Productions, co-host of monthly residence at Habitat Living Sound, NOIR crew member and percussionist. Hennessy Williams loves music and playing music for people. Catch him spinning vinyl at Local 510 many but not all Sundays and at many other gigs around the city.

Patrick Seager >>> Sunday, March 15 <<< 3pm

Dreamy folk sound waves, musician Patrick Seager’s solo project has three gorgeously produced works to enjoy: his most recent album, Alien – and previously released Formless EP and Drifter.

Spencer Brown >>> Sunday, March 15 <<< 4-6pm
Spencer Brown MC DJ

A CJSW DJ for 10 years and Beatroute written-word pundit, Spencer Brown is a wealth of knowledge on everything music. Having penned articles, band interviews, reviewing albums, concerts and the like. Also, giving you his opinion whether you want it or not. Since 2007, Spencer has booked and promoted musical talent at the Palomino Smokehouse & Social Club, propelling it into position as one of Calgary’s best live music venues.

Three Days | On Stage | Chinese Cultural Centre