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Tofu Stravinsky: Decades and Dépaysement

Hello from Montreal. My name is Tyler and today I’m thirty years old. I have come to realize a lot happens to a person in this amount of time. They can watch their sucky hockey team get good and then suck again. They can work odd jobs; they can move around; and if they’re lucky, they can learn about love, music, art, and what not to say at a Jewish funeral.

The first 14 years of my life are a blur. I mostly experimented with matches, played street hockey, and raced hot wheels cars with my younger brother, Ben. But at the age of 14, I strapped a guitar to my hip, put my head down, and started to play music. 16 years later my telecaster is still with me and it has steered me and my life a lot like a compass would. I’m gonna tell you now the story of all the people I’ve met and floors I’ve slept on in the last decade leading up to the formation of Tofu Stravinsky.

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Central Alberta Songwriter’s Series


Miss Quincy: Bad Love Bush Cook

Life on the road with a rock n’ roll band means a lot of time spent behind the wheel, rolling from one bar to the next, road food, late nights, whiskey shots, inside jokes, shared beds, and never enough sleep. Intense relationships are formed, friendships and music are made, band parents are adopted, there’s nothing like it. 4 girls, one mini van, hundreds of shows. After a long tour one might think a tropical vacation, a spa retreat, or at least an intense liver cleanse would be in order – my solution is going to work in a hunting camp.

I am a bush camp cook, so was my mom and my grandma. My family has been involved with hunting outfits for generations. I started going to the mountains with my family when I was 4 years old and have only missed a few seasons since then. But even with this family history, I never imagined that working in bush camps would become such a long standing habit for me. Turns out it’s the perfect antidote to too much time on the road.

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Luke Thomson: the Milkman Moves On

There are so many reasons why I miss Calgary since moving to Edmonton, but a big reason at the moment is that my dad is running for mayor, and I wish I was there to see it. When he first threw his hat into the ring he suggested that we help each other out, since I was going to start promoting my new album Songs From The Milkman. I felt awful turning down the idea. My dad has always had my back in anything I’ve done, but I just couldn’t do it. He’s in the greasiest kind of game right now, and I’m not sure I want him there. Not because of his policies, but because of the bullshit games he has to play to win. If he mayors anything like he dads it would be great for the city. I grew up with no rules. He never told me what to eat, or to do my homework. Now I’m a sugar-addicted-high-school-dropout and he couldn’t be prouder, and he was always there for the things that mattered. When I told him I wanted to play guitar he took me to a pawn shop within an hour, and most of all he showed me the coolest music. I grew up on Roxy Music and Captain Beefheart. Most kids aren’t so lucky.

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TMO: Follow My Lead, Lead Me to Follow

When Brendan asked me to work on this project/feature/history and happenings of TMO I was uncertain whether or not I’d be able to take on the challenge. Quite honestly, the band has had so many incredible ups and downs in the past couple of years, writing candidly and from the heart is painful, reminiscent and eye opening. We are friends who decided 6 years ago that we wanted to live our life in a way that brought us fulfillment, adventure, travel, experience and friendship. I don’t know if all that time ago it was an active decision or not to have things unfold as they have, but as the days pass I start to realize that in fact we have made some remarkable memories by sheer virtue of being open to possibilities.

It is this openness to live together; multiple lives occurring in harmony, or disharmony as at times the case would become, that allowed each member of this group to give, take, talk, listen and grow. By no means perfect, and an endless challenge, we have managed to etch a life out for ourselves by this music.

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Who’s Who: Kane’s BreakOut Session Selections

High up there among things providing me the most pleasure in this life (mostly: talking, listening to records, and eating potatoes) is my absolute obsession with live music sessions. When I first asked Chad Tweten and Charles Roberts to form Welcome to the West, we had aspirations of showcasing regional music and natural landscape in North America the way La Blogotheque and Black Cab sessions accomplished in Paris and London, respectively. There was, after all, powerful movement here in young roots, but in majority, the thrill came from seeing our buddies rocking out in HD.

Over the years, our team spent countless hours honing craftsmanship around this seemingly simple idea. We would periodically add to the catalogue, plug away at social media; add new technology and members (Nils Mikkelsen, sound design); work with a myriad of entertainers, creatives, sponsors and supporters, and practiced maintaining the important friendships at the heart of the project. Sessions are living, breathing, time capsules – a frame containing someone doing the thing they love best.

With BreakOut West upon us, hold out your paw for these primetime sessions from 2013′s array of Western Canadian artists.

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