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Electric Barn | Music Series | July 23


The first ever URB PRK at Cafe Mosaics Vegetarian + Vegan Waterhole emerged from a vision to bring more life to the urban streets and communities by creating urban spaces that involve the community, young emerging talent, and local business owners. We do this because we love our city and can only see it growing into it’s own biosphere of goodness. What makes Edmonton particularly splendid are the crazy and amazing people with big hearts and deep aspirations! Whenever you are strolling on Whyte, never hesitate to use this ‘Electric Barn’ as a place to rest, mingle or meet! It’s yours. Take ownership of it and treat it kindly!

This park will be open for public use during the 2 month period, with Saturdays reserved for the Warm Up from 4pm-9pm; an intimate outdoor music event showcasing local established and emerging artists. This is an organized event curated by Welcome to the West. Its free and it’s family friendly. The official lineup for Saturday, July 23 features:

Saturday, July 23 >>> Suffragette City >>> 4-6pm
Suffragette City
Jasmine Retzer is the producer and host of the weekly radio program Suffragette City on CJSW 90.9 FM in Calgary, a show that celebrates and spotlights women in music and the arts. She enjoys a mixed bag of musical treats, but has an insatiable sweet tooth for 60′s pop rock. Her signature dance move is the midnight cowgirl.

poster_july23-2016_WEB (1)

Saturday, July 23 >>> Luke Thomson <<< 6pm
Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 7.56.42 PM
This strapping guitar player cut his teeth in Calgary Alberta, bringing his finger lickin’ pickin’ to the poetic punk rock outfit THE RUMBLE, while at the same time releasing his own sad bastard ballads with a band of buds called THE HOWL. His powerful voice and big swing/big miss guitar work makes for some fun rock and roll, keeping the music tough and the lyrics tender.

Saturday, July 23 >>> Jason Famous & Le Fame <<< 7pm
Jason Famous and Le Fame
10 years in the making the illustrious Jason Famous’ breakthrough album JF plays like an autobiography of the life and times of the tortured superstar. Touching on the best and worst of his loving relationship with humanitarian supermodel Le Famé; his battles with depression and financial woes; a deep look at JF’s philosophy on life and death etc. Through the catchy hooks and infectious rhythms lies a very honest look in to the state of Jason over the last ten years. Jason Famous & Le Famé hail from parts unknown and are the world’s most glamorous couple.

Saturday, July 23 >>> Benjamin Longman <<< 8pm
Benjamin Longman
Benjamin Longman is an English singer, songwriter and musician, now based in Calgary. He began performing around London under various guises from the age of 16, and has shared stages with artists ranging from folk legend Martin Carthy and up-and-coming folk/pop duo Hudson Taylor, to contemporary pop songstress Kimberly Anne and soulful newcomer Khari Wendell McCelelland, as well as appearing on recordings with countless more.

His 2 EP set, The Ghost Months, released as Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 on February 25th 2015 and March 25th 2016 respectively, explores his experiences living in a trans-atlantic long-distance relationship and themes of isolation, doubt, anticipation and discovery. Both records present cutting-edge lyrical indie/alternative folk songwriting with the conviction of Glen Hansard, the melancholy of Nick Drake, the insight of Josh Ritter and the unpredictability of Tom Waits.

Market Collective | Musicians | July 2016

Friday, July 8 >>> Tomi Fujiyama <<< 8pm
Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.10.46 AM

“Made in Japan” is the remarkable story of Tomi Fujiyama, the world’s first Japanese country music superstar. From playing the USO circuit throughout Asia to headlining in Las Vegas and recording 5 albums for Columbia records, Tomi’s career culminates in a 1964 performance at The Grand Ole Opry where she followed Johnny Cash and received the only standing ovation of the night.

At the age of 73, with a spark in her heart and a guitar in her hand, Tomi and her husband set out on a journey through Japan and across the United States to fulfill a dream of performing at The Grand Ole Opry one more time. Tomi weaves an inspirational and often hilarious story of hope and heartbreak.

“Made in Japan” is a funny yet poignant multi-cultural journey through music, marriage, and the impact of the corporate world on the dreams of one woman.

Friday, July 8 >>> Amy Nelson <<< 7pm
Bio Amy
Amy Nelson is an old-time clawhammer banjoist and traditional folk singer. Her influences range from old blues, ragtime, country and mountain music. She sings from the gut and harkens back to a time long ago when music was not only a form of entertainment but a way of connecting to the heart of everyday people.

Friday, July 8 >>> Hank Zappa <<< 4-7pm
Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.32.41 AM

Saturday, July 9 >>> Kinfolk DJs <<< All Day
Saturday, July 9 >>> I Am The Mountain <<< Noon
Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.41.58 AM

Saturday, July 9 >>> Abby Maxwell <<< 1pm
Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.52.02 AM

Saturday, July 9 >>> Peer Support <<< 4pm
A five-piece melodic indie rock act from Calgary with influences as diverse as the city that they call home. Combining thoughtful musicality with a fun and energetic live show, they’re always ready to play music for new faces.

Sunday, July 10 >>> Rosalind <<< Noon

Formed in the early months of 2015, Rosalind started as a collaboration between friends Mike Röckin, Jesse Shire and Amanda Noelle that quickly proved to have substantial chemistry and compatibility.

After several months and an outpouring of positive feedback, Rosalind looked to expand their sound from guitar, banjo, mandolin and three-part harmonies to include bass, violin and drums, utilising each instrument’s unique voice to create a blended and full soundscape.

Their songs aim to relate to the spectrum of emotions and experiences our daily lives are rife with, and will leave a lasting impression long after their last note has been played.

Sunday, July 10 >>> Rotary Park <<< 1pm
rotary park ccc
Rotary Park is a Calgary based band playing a special brand of harmony driven, alternative bluegrass. The combination of ambient folk music, powerful vocal harmonies and banjo ripping bluegrass brings a unique brand of Canadian music to the table.

Sunday, July 10 >>> OQO <<< 4pm
Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 2.13.19 AM
OQO means balance. This coastal Canadian trio sounds like a ménage-a-six between Yann Tiersen, Sigur Rós, Beirut, Gogol Bordello, Cinematic Orchestra and Phillip Glass. The band writes original, cinematic, operatic folklore for Accordion, Violin, Voice, Contrabass and the occasional Synthesizer.

Ian Griffiths on Accordion and synth, Keith Rodger on Upright Bass and Jacques Mindreau on Violin and Voice have been enchanting audiences across Canada with performances at Arts Wells Festival, Tiny Lights Festival, South Country Fair, Deep Roots Music Fest, Market Fest, Market Collective and dozens of others.

OQO is set to release their second album “OQO Pt. 2” June 1st 2016. The band will be touring the record across Canada from June through August 2016. Find tour dates at

OQO is made up of members from two prominent Canadian folk bands, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra and Krasnogorsk. Originally a duo, OQO began as a collaboration between Accordionist, Songwriter Ian Griffiths and Violinist, Composer, Vocal Virtuoso Jacques Mindreau. The pair were joined in 2014 by Mount Royal University Jazz Performance graduate Keith Rodger on Upright Bass.

Rotary Park | Sad City Noise | Music Video

Words written by Liam Testa

I started writing Sad City Noise a few years before Rotary Park had even finished recording its first album. I remember getting stuck on what to do with it so it, so the melody just sort of sat on the shelf gathering dust. Years later I was driving with my younger brother Kieran when we noticed a gloomy looking downtown with a churning industrial foreground. At some point the phrase “sad city noise” was uttered and something just clicked. I got back to work on the song in Fox Harbour, Nova Scotia that summer.

The more I wrote, the more I started to be reminded of my older brother. The way he seemed crushed by the inequality he saw while we prepared food at the drop-in centre downtown, or the way he was driven by an almost dangerous sense of social justice. I remember him exhausting himself in his pursuit of a better, freer world. This song is about him and people like him who personally take on the weight of the world. I would hate to know what life would be like if people like that didn’t exist.

I don’t see my brother much anymore since he’s studying film in England, but we talk when we get the chance and I’m always glad to see he hasn’t let anything stop him, or even slow him down. he’s always been a huge source of inspiration to me personally, so it’s not a big surprise I ended up writing a song about him and the way he struggled with the immensity of this world and all its problems. Here’s hoping the two of us can get a pint together in a pub in London sooner rather than later.

rotary cover

Tastemakers | Market Collective | Playlist

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.43.39 AM
Co-founder, Angela Dione picks:

Co-founder, Angel Guerra picks:

Photographer, Mike Tan picks:

Music Director, Brendan Kane picks:

Security, Tammy Winterfield:

Set Designer, Rebecca Reid picks:

Creative Director, Jenn Kitagawa:

Volunteer Coordinator, Josh Sison picks:

Photo Booth Photographer, Jennifer Kornfeld picks:

Market Collective | Musicians | May 27-29

Friday, May 27 >>> Ryan Bourne <<< 8pm
Ryan Bourne
Ryan Bourne is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose work connects the dots between unabashed songcraft and the outer limits of psychedelic rock.

He usually performs with Eric Hamelin (Chad Van Gaalen, nomoreshapes) Steve Fletcher (Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Woodpigeon), and Ian Jarvis (Ghostkeeper, Chairs), and plays in Calgary bands Deadhorse and Extra Happy Ghost!!!. He has performed at Pop Montreal, Halifax Pop Explosion and Sled Island.

Ryan’s debut album, ‘Supermodern World Of Beauty’ is a psychedelic pop piece produced by Jay Crocker (Ghostkeeper, nomoreshapes) at Calgary-based Artunit Studios, released in Canada in May 2010 on Saved By Radio.

Friday, May 27 >>> Benjamin Longman <<< 7pm
benjamin longman
Benjamin Longman is an English singer, songwriter and musician, now based in Calgary, AB. He began performing around London under various guises from the age of 16, and has shared stages with artists ranging from folk legend Martin Carthy and up-and-coming folk/pop duo Hudson Taylor, to contemporary pop songstresses Zara Kershaw and Kimberly Anne, as well as appearing on recordings by countless more.

In mid 2014 he began creating his debut EP, ‘The Ghost Months Vol. 1’. A completely solo production, recorded and mixed entirely on a Tascam 246 4-track cassette portastudio, the record was released on February 25th of 2015 to great local acclaim, after which he promptly fled the country for Canada, though not before heading back in the studio with producer/drummer/keyboardist Mike Malyan to work on the EP’s successor, featuring guest appearances by Martha Paton and Integra Strings.

Friday, May 27 >>> DJ Rusty Meeks (Frogfest) <<< 4-7pm
Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.20.55 PM
Rusty Meeks has been a familiar name in the Western Canadian DJ community for the better part of the last decade. As founder and co-owner of Substation Recordings (alongside Isis Graham/Esette) he has played a major part in exposing a talented class of Western Canadian house and techno producers to a global audience. The success of the label has opened the doors to several exciting opportunities recently including a weekly DJ residency in Calgary.

As a producer Rusty Meeks is well known for his quarkiness and use of unconventional sampling. From doorbells to airport announcements, his style is dark, weird, and dancefloor primed. His most recent album “Airplane Mode EP” (released on Substation Recordings in 2015) sailed up the Beatport top 100 techno charts and has been found in mixes and radio show playlists around the world.

Despite success as a label owner and producer, Rusty Meeks is best known and sought after for his energetic DJ sets, occasionally spanning multiple genres and even incorporating live instruments into his mixes. For his monthly residency “NOIR” at Habitat Living Sound in Calgary he is regularly accompanied by live saxophone and congas (Jared Andres & Juicy Jamey). Connecting with the crowd on the dancefloor is something Rusty does effortlessly making him an act not to miss.

Saturday, May 28 >>> DJ Kool Dreamz (Frogfest) <<< 10am-Noon
Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.29.11 PM
Ryan McClure Scott is an emerging sound, video and installation artist from Calgary. He studied at the Alberta College of Art + Design and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Drawing inspiration from low-fi Sci-fi and do-it-yourself programming, Ryan McClure Scott creates work dedicated to his extended adolescent influences.

Saturday, May 28 >>> Tom Terrell <<< Noon
Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.46.14 PM
Tom Terrell navigates his way through folk & roots music freely, setting the mood for real life rambling, gambling and heartbreaking story tales. Terrell was born and bred on the west coast of Canada and migrated to Nova Scotia in 2009. Drawing from a deep well of timeless vintage and modern musical and lyrical styles and Influenced by songwriters like Tom Waits, John Prine, Greg Brown and composers such as Oscar Peterson and Beethoven, Terrell`s eclectic background produces a flavour all his own; Modern and nostalgic, refined yet organic, chaotic but soothing. When Terrell is not performing as a solo artist, you can catch him with acclaimed roots group, The Modern Grass. Since 2009 Terrell has recorded, produced, and written the bulk of songs for three award winning albums with The MG.

Saturday, May 28 >>> Shawn Petsche (Sled Island) <<< 1-3pm
Cole Hofstra captures Flood in mission
With Shawn Petsche’s split life as Sled Island’s Festival Manager and clumsy guitar player for rock ‘n’ roll band Napalmpom, you might be expecting to hear nothing but Sled Island artists guitar soloing for hours. However, if his recent listening habits are any indication, there’s a very real chance Shawn will put Junglepussy on a continuous loop instead.

Saturday, May 28 >>> Twin Bandit <<< 3pm
Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.00.28 PM
“Jamie and Hannah, your two original duets were simply some of the sweetest, most lovely things I’ve ever heard, and I regret that my most prosaic of souls could not express that in any more meaningful way that evening. Brad…a man of far more poetic nature, described your songs as having left him tingling and aglow. I can’t remember the lyrics or the melodies of the music you offered, but I will never forget how it made me feel.” . -Jonathan Andrew Govias, Conductor

Saturday, May 28 >>> Kayla Morin (Sled Island) <<< 4-6pm
Kayla Morin coordinates Sled Island’s team of more than 400 volunteers. No big deal, right? Catch Kayla on Saturday afternoon spinning post-punk, rock ‘n’ roll and electro tunes from festival years past and present.

Sunday, May 29 >>> Jarrod Sterling <<< 10am-Noon
Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.12.35 PM

Sunday, May 29 >>> The Ashley Hundred (Frogfest) <<< Noon
Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.17.49 PM
The Ashley Hundred creates a rich and colourful palette of textures while surrounded on stage with a collection of instruments and effects. Reverb soaked guitars and layers of harmonies melt together in a thick cloud of atmosphere, while the banjo is given new life as it dances through an array of effects pedals and joins in the dense and lush soundscapes created by the band. Melodic bass lines often take the lead in the song, accompanied by crisp and thoughtful drumming. Failing to find inspiration by any single genre of music, The Ashley Hundred blends their favourite parts of folk, psych rock, hip hop and pop to create a unique explosion of sound, while not being afraid to let their roots show.

Since their formation in 2012, The Ashley Hundred has been constantly writing, stripping apart, and rewriting the songs of each of the band members. Continually growing as a band and as individual musicians. The bands first 2013 release, Postcards From The Moon, marked their firm arrival into the Calgary music scene, and brought them across the country on campus radio charts and on the stages from BC to Quebec. Soon after the release of their debut EP, Calgary veterans 36? approached the band to collaborate on a Split LP, which lead The Ashley Hundred to their first vinyl release, and first professionally produced music video made with funding from the Telus Storyhive grant. They are now working closely with Juno Award winning producer Josh Gwilliam, and engineer Howard Redekopp (Mother Mother, The New Pornographers) to create their first full-length album, which will be released in early 2017.

The Ashley Hundred is as comfortable playing songs mourning death, as they are playing songs that celebrate life and friendship. They are not interested in creating a single state of mind. Instead they wish to explore the entire range of human emotion. Playing back and fourth between a laid back sense of fun, and moments of inner reflection.

Sunday, May 29 >>> The Dearhearts <<< 3pm
Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.41.53 AM
The Dearhearts are 3 girls playing tiny instruments from a tiny hamlet called Rosebud. Alix Cowman, Lauren de Graaf, and Lauren Hamm met while attending Rosebud School of the Arts, where they discovered their shared love for all things bluegrass and jazz. That love finds it’s way into their music through their smooth 3-part harmonies and toe-tapping beats. They find their inspiration through such legends as The Carter Family, Rosemary Clooney, and The Andrew Sisters, and have been called “the next generation of The Wailin’ Jennys”.

Since forming in May 2014, the girls have been enjoying milestone after milestone, each one coming as quickly as another passes. After a successful summer tour, they released their self-titled debut album in October 2014. March 2015 saw them entered in CBC’s annual Searchlight competition. 4 weeks later, they found themselves at the head of the pack, becoming Calgary’s Regional Champion and beating out over 3000 bands to become a part of the Top 23 new bands in Canada. During their time in Searchlight, their song “July” was played countless times on multiple radio stations, including CBC Radio One. And the opportunities for these rising stars keep pouring in.

These three women will tug at your heartstrings with their soaring harmonies and tickle your funny bone with their quick wit. The Dearhearts are sweet, sassy, and simply delightful.

Sunday, May 29 >>> Colin Gallant (Sled Island) <<< 4-6pm
Colin Gallant is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Sled Island. He spends most of his time informing people on what Sled Island is all about and spreading the word on the awesome talent we’ve lined up for our festival attendees. He’ll be playing tunes by the hidden gems at the festival, focusing on new and exciting Canadian bands from coast to coast as DJ Snapzilla. Follow @SledIsland on Snapchat for snippets of his set at Market Collective!
Sunday, May 29 >>> Lindsay Bowman (Sled Island) <<< 1-3pm
As Sled Island’s Director of Marketing & Communications, Lindsay Bowman wants to tell you about all the cool music and art happening at Sled Island each year. She’ll be giving you a taste in her Sunday afternoon set at Market Collective, with an upbeat selection of personal favourites from the past 10 years of the festival.

Market Collective | Musicians | March 18-20

Friday, March 18 >>> Infilm <<< 8pm
Infilm is an experimental electronic duo from Calgary.To record their debut record, Emporium, Infilm traveled on the road to Brooklyn, New York. While being engulfed in the heaving of the breathing city, Infilm took to the studio to capture the various tracks on Emporium. Their music, both melodically and lyrically, makes a committed attempt to encompass the varying aspects of being profoundly human.

Emporium has been described as delicate, fragile, and dauntingly vast. Often weighing on feelings of desolation and depersonalization, the delivery of Emporium exposes a great deal of vulnerability; however, it is also quick to expose feelings of personal growth and rebellion against societal misconceptions. Infilm’s genre-bridging sound is driven by the synthesis of both electronic and rock elements and captures the listener’s attention with both energetic and compelling layers of expression.

Friday, March 18 >>> Fox Who Slept the Day Away <<< 7pm
Fox Who Slept the Day Away is an ambient indie band that delivers layers of groovy interwoven melodies and harmonies that have people dancing and sleeping all at once. Their wide array of influences drives a dynamic post-rock sound, which creates a spacey atmosphere.

Friday, March 18 >>> Deepone <<< 4-7pm

Saturday, March 19 >>> Chris Dadge <<< 10am-Noon
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.27.58 PM
Chris Dadge lives in Calgary, Alberta, where he works as a percussionist, producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record label operator, and concert organizer.

As an improvising musician, Dadge has spent the bulk of his years playing percussion, developing a voice based on an increasingly open-ended variety of sound-generating objects, integrating found items and re-purposed strings. Massimo Ricci writes, “the almost perfect balance between skin, wood and metal-derived timbres is definitely cherished,” and a review from Volcanic Tongue noted, “Dadge has a fleet, needling style that would transpose Milford Grave’s multi-pulse work to a looser, more thought-paced setting, working in bursts of propulsion and single emphatic sound events.” This underlying quest for a personalized vocabulary led to the broadening of the instrumental palette, adding violin, broken electronics, crude sampling, and various other small instruments to the list. The current realization of this approach can be heard in Dadge’s solo work (on albums such as A Bird Is A Light Thing and What Comes After Dust) as well as with Scott Munro in the Bent Spoon Duo. The duo, which has been active for over a decade, “approach[es] improvisation from an anti-classicist stance, instead opting for a scrape and drape sound that finds the two moving between instruments and mood in rapid fire succession,” (Ear-Conditioned Nightmare) and The Wire’s Byron Coley calls it “splendid, low-bore Improv racket in the classic pots-and-pans style.” Dadge has worked with, among others, Peter Evans, Eugene Chadbourne, Jack Wright, Chris Riggs, Eric Chenaux, Mats Gustafsson, Christian Munthe, Ellwood Epps, Chad van Gaalen, Bill Horist, Fossils/David Payne, John Oswald, and Colin Fisher.

Saturday, March 19 >>> MMMARISHHH <<< Noon
Soul speak not far from yesterdays and tomorrow, MMMARISHHH is a futurepsych/ambientgnome recording artist from Alberta. She sings and plays 12 string guitar and is a member of the bands, Devonian Gardens and Sleepkit.

Saturday, March 19 >>> Chad Saunders <<< 1-3pm
Chad Saunders is the Director of Operations and Special Projects at the NMC, former station manager for University of Calgary-based radio station CJSW 90.9 FM and retired host of ‘My Allergy to the Fans’ on CJSW.
Saturday, March 19 >>> Hornell & Sneddon <<< 3pm
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.01.32 PM
Matthew Hornell is a gifted singer/songwriter, aware that the muse often directs the master. Ideas and emotions both personal and universal are channeled throughout “Have It All” his sophomore, soulful folk album.Accompanied by an amazing group of musicians and gorgeous, soothing female backing vocals, Have It All is a record of spiritual awakening.

Matthew Hornell deservedly won a plethora of MIANL. Awards for his CD debut. Clearly upon a few listens you realize Hornell has the key ‘chops’ as a singer/songwriter. The lyrical content is diverse, arrangements succinct and vocal delivery unquestionably honest.You can usually tell when a songwriter is being clever or cute, going for a pretty shot. But Matthew Hornell wears his authenticity like a badge of honour.
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.03.29 PM
Andrew Sneddon is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in Halifax, NS, Canada. He is primarily noted for his work on the Resophonic Guitar as well as other steel guitars. Sneddon performs primarily with the award winning group The Modern Grass as a contributing songwriter, vocalist, and resophonic guitarist. When not touring and working in MG, Sneddon can be found performing in other bluegrass groups and as a sideman to singer-songwriters.

Saturday, March 19 >>> Mr. Robinson < 4-6pm
Sunday, March 20 >>> Overland <<< 10am-Noon
Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.45.51 PM

Sunday, March 20 >>> Pancake <<< Noon
Sunday, March 20 >>> DJ Wolfadel <<< 1-3pm
Antonio’s first love was the guitar at the age of three. Because he was so young, it needed to have three nylon strings so his toddler fingers wouldn’t be cut while he played it. Within a few
years he added percussion, then piano to his repertoire. From a young age, Antonio was mentored by Calgary’s favourite Kaley Kinjo. The relationship was a great match from day one when at the age of six, Antonio shared that his favourite band was the Ramones. After years of busking with his guitar on Stephen Ave. and jamming on the drums in the basements of local musicians, Antonio gained an interest in DJ’ing. He has been studying at Beat Drop and continues to expand his skills into mastering production and turntabling. His musical knowledge and interests range from classical music to contemporary hip-hop. Now, at the age of fourteen, Antonio has performed his DJ’ing skills at Art openings and private functions as DJ Wolfadel.

Sunday, March 20 >>> Jason Famous & Le Fame <<< 3pm

Sunday, March 20 >>> Corinthian <<< 4-6pm