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Calgary Folk Music Festival | Local Stage | 2015

On Friday, July 24, Calgary Folk Music Festival, Market Collective, and Welcome to the West are partnering up to bring you a FREE outdoor matinee concert in Eau Claire. Bring out your friends, family, colleagues, and fellow Folk Fest mates before they open the Prince’s Island gates.

Starting at 11:30am on the TD Stage 1 will be Rotary Park followed by Windigo and The Bitterweed Draw. Read up on these local diamonds here:

Rotary Park >>> Friday, July 24 Stage 1 <<< 11:30am
Rotary Park is a Calgary based band playing a special brand of harmony driven, Canadian folk-bluegrass fusion. Known for their high energy and diverse live performances this quintet has proven to be the perfect fit for any type of event. The combination of ambient folk music, powerful vocal harmonies and banjo ripping bluegrass brings a unique type of Canadian music to the table. One thing is sure, they will have your hands clapping and feet stomping! Rotary Park has made a name for themselves playing many different festivals, corporate functions and packed venues throughout Canada since 2011. With the release of their second full length album and another tour across Canada in 2015, the future is looking brighter than ever for this fine group of gentlemen.

Windigo >>> Friday, July 24 Stage 1 <<< 12:30pm

Dreamy melodies and psychedelic summer pop. Windigo is a four piece indie-rock band founded in Calgary Alberta in 2012. Layering warm sun soaked guitar tones into soundscapes driven by progressive rhythms; the group cleverly crafts a diverse, yet collective sound. Fronted by vocalists, Severtson, Kameka, and Mason, the band is able to explore several avenues of musical expression; from high energy, dance friendly anthems to slow heartfelt ballads. Windigo’s last commercial album Retrospectrum was released over two years ago. Since then, the band has written a new catalogue and improved their live performances. With a new EP and album on the horizon for 2015, Windigo is bound to turn some heads.

The Bitterweed Draw >>> Friday, July 24 Stage 1 <<< 1:30pm
This riotous and swaggering six-piece honky-tonk juggernaut has ignited crowds from coast to coast. The Bitterweed Draw has over 300 performances under their belt spanning a range of venues including large festival stages, crowded bars, local markets, private functions, on-air radio, and whiskey swiggin’ sunrises aplenty.

Over the course of five years, The Bitterweed Draw has toured across Canada and has released multiple recording projects including The Burnt Cabin Sessions (2011, EP) and Heart of the Old West (2012, LP). Wheatland County Rag, their Sophomore LP, is set to be released in the Spring of 2015, with a national and international tour to follow.

Five Sessions | Calgary Folk Fest Artists | 2015

As I prepare to head down to Prince’s Island Park for the 36th Annual Calgary Folk Music Festival, wavelengths of formative memories sweep across my mind. Late July in Alberta is truly the meat and potatoes of summer, with exciting show business elements around every bend. There are hundreds of artists passing back and forth through Calgary from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and touching down via airplane. Sixteen hours of daylight and brooding prairie storm clouds make for a tantalizing blood rush: sleep seems rather undesirable.

Over last handful of years, the Welcome to the West project has benefited greatly from the programming of CFMF. As local tastemakers, they have introduced us to many pivotal characters who have helped to form the artistic vision of this collection. Our first introduction to the Festival was a guerrilla-style pool party recording with Seattle’s the Head and the Heart. The following year, we welcomed Pokey LaFarge and his band with this living room session. Last year, we hosted a private filming with New Zealand’s Tiny Ruins inside an old schoolhouse..

This year’s lineup is looking incredible – and as always, our crew has some tricks up our sleeves. Here are five beautifully filmed sessions from this year’s performers {Two of our own from the vault} the Wooden Sky, Reuben and the Dark, Frazey Ford, Laura Leif and Jennifer Castle. For your viewing & listening pleasure:

The Wooden Sky >>> Thursday, July 23 Stage 4 <<< 7:25pm

Reuben and the Dark >>> Thursday, July 23 Stage 4 <<< 8:50pm

Frazey Ford >>> Friday, July 24 Mainstage <<< 6:45pm

Laura Leif >>> Sunday, July 26 Stage 2 <<< 10:30am

Jennifer Castle >>> Sunday, July 26 Stage 4 <<< 12:50pm

OQO Intimate & Immersive


Market Collective | Musician Guide | July 17-19

>>> Friday, July 17 >>> Brother Prussia <<< 8pm <<<

A newcomer band made up of seasoned vets featuring members of Windigo, Zachariah & the Profits, and Kyote. Outer-Space Guitarmonies with lyrics mostly about feeling good and being happy. This band has a really tight inter-locking rhythm section and vocal harmonies to sweeten up their positive message: Also math-y riffs.

>>> Friday, July 17 >>> Jason Famous <<< 7pm <<<

Raised by Famous
Nurtured by Famous
Loved by Famous
Touched by Famous

>>> Friday, July 17 >>> DJ Illcognito <<< 4-7pm <<<
Bruno Aka DJ Illcognito is consistently putting out some of the most refreshing sounds around while transitioning over multiple styles/bpms in any given set. Having played with some of the most talented Dj’s in the city, he’s also opened for a wide range of international dj’s, from N-type, Matt the alien, Bass Nectar, Bonobo, Scratch bastard, Mr Scruff, & Stanton Warriors.

>>> Saturday, July 18 >>> Barnaby Bennett [DJ SET] <<< 10am-Noon <<<
Barnaby Bennett is an artist currently based in Calgary, Canada. His musical work explores psychedelic folk and pop song forms, traditional country music and experimental/ambient sound art – all within a contemporary context. A multitude of releases in a wide array of styles have been released by Barnaby in the past few years, with no less than five future projects scheduled for release in the near future.

>>> Saturday, July 18 >>> Jadea Kelly <<< Noon <<<
With a lilting mix of Iris De Ment and Emmylou Harris–Jadea Kelly has released two albums. Second Spring 2008, earning Best Country honors at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. Jadea’s second album, Eastbound Platform, earned a nomination for ‘Best New/Emerging Artist of the Year’ at the CFMA (Canadian Folk Music Awards). Despite her grounding in roots music, Jadea is known widely for her vocal work with Canadian metal band Protest the Hero – who have featured her on Kezia 2005 and Scurillous 2011.

>>> Saturday, July 18 <<>> Beatdrop DJs <<< >>> Eric Ritchie 1-3pm & Mystique Beats 4-6pm <<<
Beat Drop is a music production & DJ school in Calgary, AB & the only Ableton Certified Training Centre in Canada. Our teachers are professional musicians & DJs who specialize in developing and teaching curriculum in group and 1on1 settings. Our small class sizes, modern day approach to hardware & software, and our experienced instructors will help you meet your musical goals, develop your craft and understand today’s music industry landscape.

>>> Saturday, July 18 >>> the Jamies <<< 3pm <<<
Canadian new wave indie pop band The Jamies showcases two keyboards, driving drum and bass beats, and the compelling vocals of Jamie Gould. The Alberta-born singer/songwriter has logged impressive musical mileage writing and singing her way through various genres and bands across Canada. She was a member of the rock and country music scene in Medicine Hat and Toronto, before moving to Calgary and forming The Jamies in 2012. With The Jamies, Gould discovered her true passion in writing pop music and began experimenting with new wave sounds.

>>> Sunday, July 19 <<>> Kinfolk DJs <<< >>> Holograms 10am-Noon | Lim 1-3pm | Future Phil 4-6pm <<<
Kinfolk was born from the vision of a unified community of artistic expressionists. A community that believes in the shedding of the pretence & fragmentation that is so often associated with art, music, partying, and life. As a community, we promote the weaving of subcultures while rejecting their segregation. We believe everyone is an artist & deserves a canvas on which to express themselves—whether the medium is fashion, costume, music, sexuality, poetry, visual art, or simply smiling, all are welcome & encouraged at Kinfolk; with but one caveat: positive expression. We believe that people belong with one another. We believe they should strive to enjoy life & all it has to offer together, under a unified umbrella. This is Kinfolk. Get under the umbrella!

>>> Sunday, July 19 >>> Abby Maxwell <<< Noon <<<
Abby Maxwell is an 18-year-old folk singer/songwriter from Calgary, Canada. The majority of her music is inspired by my travels, as well as her upbringing in the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada. My debut EP ‘Moonset’ was released in the fall of 2014.

>>> Sunday, July 19 >>> OQO <<< 3pm <<<
OQO means balance. Formed in 2013 this acoustic duo (sometimes 5 piece band) writes and performs original works inspired by a diversity of influences including Eastern European, Roma and Latin American folk traditions as well as modern composers like Phillip Glass and Terry Riley. OQO creates honest art from the heart with Ian Griffiths on Accordion and Jacques Mindreau on Violin.

West Hillhurst | July | Double-Header Weekend


Next weekend, the West hosts a double-header at a new venue called The Barn – located above the old West Hillhurst Arena. Rotary Park are set to release their new album ‘Be’ alongside Carter Felker and Lucky Sonne in what promises to be a country-soaked Friday night. On the Saturday, desert soul brothers The Ashley Hundred introduce us to ‘Moons Over Moab’ with brightly sonic party boosts from Windigo and Toronto’s Rachael Cardiello.


An Introduction to Flyingakite


Three of the Canadian prairie’s brightest voices sang together for the first time last night, forming a new group called Flyingakite. The namesake is derived from Calgary-based singing banjoist Amy Nelson’s art-thirsty online lifestyle and fashion platform. Joining her, Ardrossan Alberta’s Kayla Hotte (Kayla Hotte & Her Rodeo Pals) and Fir Mountain, Saskatchewan’s Kacy Lee Anderson (of Kacy & Clayton).

I learned of each performer and their music last year through attending various concerts, sleuthing online, and via numerous recommendations from dear friends (Luke Thomson, Mike Tod & Robbie Bankes). Once acquainted, I steadfastly observed a similar prowess and air of confidence which shone beyond any genre alikeness. Despite obvious country and western surface elements, each musician focuses their repertoire on distinctly unique stylistic origins.

Nelson’s primitive, shrilly delivered vocals and clawhammer picking reckons influence within North Eastern American Appalachian music. She was a featured artist in last year’s Calgary Collection, a documentary series analyzing the meaning of regional folk music. Her favorite music is blues, rag time, old-time, old country and Mountain music. Some of her favorites include Dock Boggs, Roscoe Holcomb, Ola Belle Reed, Clarence Ashley, Etta Baker and Elizabeth Cotten.

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Kayla Hotte & Her Rodeo Pals play 1940’s style Country & Western music. Kayla Hotte’s love of vintage music is evident in her song choice and writing style.

Kayla is a recent graduate of the Grant MacEwan University Music Program. Although The Rodeo Pals are a fairly new project (formed in the spring of 2012), Kayla has been a performing musician for the majority of her life. She started with her family bluegrass band and as soon as she was old enough, she started her own. It began with the Bluegrass Angels, and extended to Shortgrass, The Kayla & Erin Show and now, The Rodeo Pals.

The Rodeo Pals have included some of Edmonton’s finest musicians such as Matthew Hotte, Jamie Philp, Marc Ladouceur, Luke Deutekom, Keith Burgess, and Gary Okrainec. Among her primary influences: Kitty Wells, Hank Williams, Buck Owens, Patsy Cline, Bob Wills, Ray Price, Faron Young, Hank Penny, George Jones, Tammy Wynette and Red Foley.

Hailing from the Wood Mountain Uplands of Southern Saskatchewan, Kacy Lee Anderson recently released her debut EP, Barrel Racer/Cowboy Chaser, a brilliant three-song teaser of things to come. She is half of a duo her second cousin, Clayton Linthicum. The duo interprets and composes music inspired by forms of traditional music from Southern Appalachia and the British Isles. Educated by their Grandfather/Great-Uncle respectively, Kacy & Clayton possess an admiration for music and stories of days past. Kacy’s vocals, virtuous and pure, weave seamlessly with Clayton’s finger-style guitar accompaniment. Although the pair are young in age, they’ve been playing music together for over a decade and have created a distinctive, and cohesive sound.

Some of her musical influences include: Leadbelly, Big Bill Broonzy, The Deep Dark Woods, Shirley Collins, Davy Graham, Mississippi John Hurt, Charley Patton, and Bob Dylan.

Welcome to the West is proud to present Flyingakite for the first time on Friday, May 22 at Sunalta Community Centre in Calgary.