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Serious Clouds EP Release


A galactic wilderness on the second floor, perched above the Kensington Village night bustle for a get-together at our creative incubator, Blank Page Studio.

Welcome To The West proudly presents, the world premiere of Serious Clouds ‘Forms’ EP with special guests 36? and DJ Hank Zappa instigates the evening with a selection of vinyl treasure.

Serious Clouds is the creation of a longtime artistic brotherhood between singer/guitarist Joel Michael Learoyd, bass/keys Edward Joseph McCormick, and drummer Mclean Eubank. In their early 20s, the trio made up the bulk of a local dark indie band called the Grim Beat, which romped around some of Calgary’s formative art scene events. Their sound has matured aplenty – and is well worth the wait. The band’s debut EP was produced by Nils Lightning Mikkelsen.

European Tour – Canadian Kick Off


Precisely two years ago, in the aftermath of a veracious post show meeting with Nathan M. Godfrey, he shared a collection of his favourite cuts from a west coast musician named Petunia.

Almost immediately, we began pouring over ideas to bring the troubadour to Alberta for Welcome to the West’s third anniversary series, where the pair could collaborate in a couple of concerts and recording sessions. Now a tightly honed duo – with a sound practiced exclusively in cold prairie towns during off-moments from Petunia & the Vipers – they now prepare for their first European tour this winter.

Welcome to the Weird


A tantalizing vortex for mind, body & soul within the village’s creative laboratory, Blank Page Studio, we bring you three hazy experimental set pieces melded into one electric typhoon.

Welcome To The West buddies up with some of Western Canada’s weirdest musical bookends. Visual artist, Ryan McClure Scotch along with Frog Fest proprietor, Jamey Richard Lougheed introduce to you, the viewer, The Band Called Life Puzzler. Next we’ll take in some Canadiana glaze with Patrick Whitten’s Feeler.

Headlining the evening, intercontinental glitter dispensers Sleepkit get all up in the milky way with you. They are Marish Sulkowskish and Ryan Bourne who also stake claim to Devonian Gardens fame.

Your zone will be flavoured to perfection by visual artists, Willow Herzog and Ivan Ostapenko. Tarot readings, candy apples, pumpkin painting, Black Sabbath references and insane projections await.



A dance-floor cabaret is upon us at Calgary’s historic Arrata Opera Centre with one of Western Canada’s most exuberant live acts, the Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra.

The acoustic ensemble has wandered from the underground of bohemian Victoria, in Canada’s lush west coast, to a new, refined sound crafted by years of constant performing and touring together. Though drawing on flamenco flourishes learned in Spain, on African percussion, on bluegrass and other roots music from across the Americas, TMO has cycled through far-flung influences and youthful forays into sounds from all over, finding new vistas of creativity that bring them closer to their own beginnings, to the people and places that have shaped them. Friends and family, ancestors and wild characters are all honoured on Follow My Lead, Lead Me to Follow, the band’s third and most mature studio effort, with a sound that’s distinct, earthy, and solid.

The evening will begin with Nelson, BC songwriter, James Lamb. James can be seen performing in urban centres and tiny rural nooks. He has performed in art spaces, established venues, yoga studios, strangers houses, on festival stages and the Via rail lounge car.

Having spent nearly ten years touring as both a side man for various Canadian songwriters and in support of his own releases while living between Vancouver, Montreal and Hazelton, James has recently returned to his home town in Nelson BC. He is respected and loved by numerous musicians in Nelson and across the country for his dynamic guitar work, tenor voice & well crafted songs.

Tickets are $20 and go on sale Friday, September 19.

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MC 6 Year | Sunday | Musician Guide

Rotary Park >>> Sunday, September 7 <<< 5pm

Rotary Park is a Calgary based band playing a special brand of harmony driven, Canadian folk-bluegrass fusion. Known for their high energy and diverse live performances this quintet has proven to be the perfect fit for any type of event. Their combination of ambient folk music, powerful vocal harmonies and banjo ripping bluegrass brings a unique type of Canadian music to the table, that is sure to get your hands clapping and feet stomping! Since 2011 Rotary Park has made a name for themselves playing many different festivals, corporate functions and packed bar gigs throughout the city and western Canada.

The Ashley Hundred >>> Sunday, September 7 <<< 4pm

Each member, with their own distinct personality, and vast array of influences that range from Old-Timey Folk to Prog-Rock and Electronic, has given The Ashley Hundred a sonic stew of swirling ambience, soaring harmonies, melodic bass lines, tribal-esque drumming and frenzied banjo picking.

Jared Klok >>> Sunday, September 7 <<< 3pm

Some folks know Jared Klok as a half-decent, retired Zamboni operator. Others as a middling part-time farmer. A few, for whatever reason, call him Rusty. But if you’re in the right place, at the right time, you may come to know Klok as a string-plunker, word-worker and a bit of a scoundrel behind the mic.

Raised outside of Taber, he currently resides in Nanton. But a trip that should have taken an hour has taken years — via Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and points beyond and between. If Nanton’s not a final destination, it’s a mutually enriching experience.

I Am the Mountain >>> Sunday, September 7 <<< 2pm

I am the Mountain layer brass and string accents beneath the loving vocal exchange between Colton O’Reilly and Sylvana Sproule. With a freshly introduced songbook of laid-back sounds from Western Canada’s lake country – and a new album underway – this collective’s rotating cast of young musicians breath friendship into every room or campfire they grace.

Sam Weber >>> Sunday, September 7 <<< 1pm

Sam Weber is a road dog of a younger breed. A known guitar slinger and record maker of Western Canada, Sam has set his chops loose in his own musical pastures. Hailing from the open skies and minds of North Saanich, BC, the 21-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist has gone from strength to strength with gigs and EP releases that have caught the imagination of listeners and media across the world. His ambitious, masterful debut full-length album, Shadows in the Road, is the culmination of years already spent focused on touring and recording.

Jake Vance>>> Sunday, September 7 <<< Noon
Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 2.35.42 AM

Jake Vance is a young, up-and-coming folk musician who’s background is in piano, bass, guitar,mandolin, songwriting and vocals.Growing up in a musical family in Southern Alberta, Jake Vance spent his early years reading fantasy novels and exploring comedy. He is a burgeoning artist in the Canadian folk music scene.

Rusty Meeks >>> Sunday, September 7 <<< 10am
Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 2.19.05 AM

Rusty Meeks has never lived inside the confines of a single genre of electronic music. Residing in Calgary, Canada, Rusty is a familiar name in the local DJ community, recognized for the diversity of his sets, top notch production in a variety of styles, and also well known as an owner of the local record label Substation Recordings. Locally, Rusty runs a popular residency at Habitat Living Sound called “Noir”. He also plays regularly at other premier venues around the city including Hifi Club and Commonwealth, and has DJed several local festivals such as Motion Notion, Fozzyfest, and Freezer Burn. Past residencies include Amsterdam Rhino, Sals, and a weekly gig at an Italian restaurant by the name of Cibo where his acid jazz/lounge house sets would please the cocktail crowd.

MC 6 Year | Saturday | Musician Guide

Illcognito >>> Saturday, September 6 <<< 10am
Ill Cognito

Bruno Aka DJ Illcognito is consistently putting out some of the most refreshing sounds around while transitioning over multiple styles/bpms in any given set. Having played with some of the most talented DJ’s in the city, he’s also opened for a wide range of international DJ’s, including N-type, Matt the Alien, Bass Nectar, Bonobo, Scratch bastard, Mr Scruff, & Stanton Warriors.

Staying true to his underground roots Illcognito continues to produce new sounds & mixes that make you want to bounce your head, 17 years later. His beats run the gamut from Nu-jazz to Underground Hip hop, Drum n Bass & Wompy Bass Hop, to Rare Groove & Disco, funky Breaks then back again. All the while being peppered with Illcognito’s taylor-made turntablism techniques.

Kirsten Ludwig >>> Saturday, September 6 <<< Noon

From a young age, Kirsten Ludwig has been painting blank pages with words of reflection and heartache – as well as colouring the still air of her home, in Calgary, AB, with other-worldly melodies. At the age of 21, Kirsten continues to surprise listeners with her thought-provoking and poetically driven lyrics that seem to be written by the fingertips of a soul that has been around for much longer. With a mixture of mature lyrics, hauntingly crisp vocals, and catchy punchlines, Kirsten defies the boundaries of pop with a musical perception that transcends the expected and conventional. Her sound leaves you wandering through a dark forest with only the moonlight to guide you.

Sam Flynn >>> Saturday, September 6 <<< 1pm

Tigerwing >>> Saturday, September 6 <<< 2pm

Peter & the Wolves >>> Saturday, September 6 <<< 3pm

Peter & the Wolves is an old-timey rock and roll group that comes from Bowness, with Bownesians Peter Cormier, Paul Rodermond, Theo Waite, and outsider Angie White. With plenty of original rockabilly tunes, we’ve played some of the hippest happenin’ joints in town. As part of a new generation of Calgary Vintage Rock, Peter & the Wolves will get you up grabbing a partner and swinging your hips.

Ta Pocketa Pocketa >>> Saturday, September 6 <<< 4pm

The Northern Beauties >>> Saturday, September 6 <<< 5pm

The Northern Beauties may be a new project, but between front men Todd Stewart and Craig Aikman, there’s over a million miles of road soaked into their signature vocals. Staying true to western folk and bluegrass roots, the songs offer a chance to flex their considerable songwriting skills while wooing with sing-able choruses, enchanting harmonies and stories that will have you hanging on their every word. They recruited the talents of Erik Allen on drums, Aaron Scholpp on bass and Charlie Hase on pedal steel to establish Northern Beauties as a full and realized band.