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Market Collective | Musician Guide | March

JJ Shiplett >>> Friday, March 13 <<< 8pm


“I’ll keep singing on…until this well runs dry or this fire dies”
You can sum up JJ Shiplett’s world with the line above (taken from his song Bluejay Highway). A songwriter in every situation and a dedicated player, JJ’s passion for quality music and sincere songs, is only matched by his goal to get everyone dancing. It’s CCR to Ryan Adams to the The Boss. Introducing JJ Shiplett.

The Goodtime Specials >>> Friday, March 13 <<< 7pm


The group formed in 2010 in Calgary, Alberta with three members, Matt Easton (vocals, guitar), John Acheson (vocals, banjo) and Brad van Paridon (bass). Their vocal-driven melodies and catchy riffs were good, but their sound really came together with the addition of Matt Walkey (drums) and Mathieu Pruvot (keys). Since then bars, outdoor crowds and house parties have been awash in a special sort of good time.

DJ McClure >>> Friday, March 13 <<< 4-7pm


Ryan McClure Scott is an emerging sound, video and installation artist from Calgary. He studied at the Alberta College of Art + Design and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Drawing inspiration from low-fi Sci-fi and do-it-yourself programming, Ryan McClure Scott creates work dedicated to his extended adolescent influences.

Backseat Jackson >>> Saturday, March 14 <<< 10am-Noon

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.25.52 AM

Introducing the new DJ duo project (Future Phil & Flutes) from Close To Modern co-founder, Mike MacDonald. The digital label-project based in Calgary with a focus on compiling and sharing our favourite ideas in soul, jazz and electronic. We curate, promote and share this exclusive Canadian content to a growing audience of listeners world-wide.

Kayla Hotte >>> Saturday, March 14 <<< Noon

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.35.25 AM

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Kayla Hotte & Her Rodeo Pals play 1940’s style Country & Western music. Kayla Hotte’s love of vintage music is evident in her song choice and writing style.

Kayla is a recent graduate of the Grant MacEwan University Music Program. Although The Rodeo Pals are a fairly new project (formed in the spring of 2012), Kayla has been a performing musician for the majority of her life. She started with her family bluegrass band and as soon as she was old enough, she started her own. It began with the Bluegrass Angels, and extended to Shortgrass, The Kayla & Erin Show and now, The Rodeo Pals.

Hank Zappa >>> Saturday, March 14 <<< 1-3pm
Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.42.25 AM

The DJ experience created by Danny Vescarelli, frontman for Devonian Gardens: five of the sublimely experienced, and with Solar Shifting (on Brooklyn label, Beyond Beyond is Beyond) they exhibit the laid back devotion of a group that has done its own for years. The tools and accents are many, swarming the waves and sines with harp fuzz, gnarly 12-string twang, joyous reverb coil vibrations and divine five-part vocal harmonies (according to Weird Canada).

The Northwest Passage >>> Saturday, March 14 <<< 3pm
Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.00.13 AM
Calgary’s The Northwest Passage is a five piece outfit led by Paul van Kampen. The group makes haunting, introspective alternative / gloom rock propelled by ominous, revealing lyrics that capture an intimate portrait of life through song.

Each member draws on the inspiration pulled from real life experiences, allowing The Northwest Passage’s unique voice to ring out amongst Canada’s remarkable alternative / rock scene. The songs unfold like chapters of a book, and you are taken away through the sincerity of the melodies and the artistry of the composition.

Corinthian >>> Saturday, March 14 <<< 4-6pm



Techno, noise, experimental and visual distortions by Evangelos Lambrinoudis the popular electronic duo, Sanctums. His main interests include: industrial, mechanical, soldering, technology, society, marxism – a studio maven obsessed with gadgetry.

DJ Science >>> Sunday, March 15 <<< 10am-Noon

A retro DJ, music writer and math tutor, DJ Science aka Kat Dornian is a creative pillar in Calgary and spent four years as music director at CJSW. Her versatile DJ duo, Nrd vs. Gk DJ Services draws from a plethora of musical eras and styles from Buddy Holly to Depeche Mode, from The Supremes to OutKast.

Brent Tyler >>> Sunday, March 15 <<< Noon

Brent Tyler has an intricate and skillful guitar style combined with a disarming and soulful voice befit of his literal seven-foot stature. He balances the soft subtlety of honest and introspective folk music with catchy and powerful soul-roots hooks and melodies born of his childhood influences and contemporary crushes.

A Calgary, Alberta native, Tyler grew up between two contrasting worlds of sport and music. His physical size made him an obvious choice for the University of Calgary basketball team, but his genuine heart beckoned him down a path of music performance. Self-taught from the age of 9 years old, Tyler’s percussive guitar style was influenced heavily by the likes of James Taylor, Martin Sexton, and Dave Matthews. With a voice that bellows the foundation, yet dynamically delicate and sincere, Tyler’s blend of guitar and voice sounds like a whole band.

Hennessy Williams >>> Sunday, March 15 <<< 1-3pm
DJ Reggie Suave photo

Proprietor of Harmonious Productions, co-host of monthly residence at Habitat Living Sound, NOIR crew member and percussionist. Hennessy Williams loves music and playing music for people. Catch him spinning vinyl at Local 510 many but not all Sundays and at many other gigs around the city.

Patrick Seager >>> Sunday, March 15 <<< 3pm

Dreamy folk sound waves, musician Patrick Seager’s solo project has three gorgeously produced works to enjoy: his most recent album, Alien – and previously released Formless EP and Drifter.

Spencer Brown >>> Sunday, March 15 <<< 4-6pm
Spencer Brown MC DJ

A CJSW DJ for 10 years and Beatroute written-word pundit, Spencer Brown is a wealth of knowledge on everything music. Having penned articles, band interviews, reviewing albums, concerts and the like. Also, giving you his opinion whether you want it or not. Since 2007, Spencer has booked and promoted musical talent at the Palomino Smokehouse & Social Club, propelling it into position as one of Calgary’s best live music venues.

Three Days | On Stage | Chinese Cultural Centre


AM Static | A Life Well Lived | Album Release

am static

Musical instrument retail and a particularly cold winter trail-blazed the early path taken by Calgary duo, AM Static, who are set to release hard copies of their sophomore record, A Life Well Lived. Original centred around the musical convergence of singer/songwriter, Chris Austman and multi-instrumentalist, Nils Mikkelsen, the duo has added robust audio flavours to their slow-cooked, electronic folk stew. On album standouts, Monolith and Sum you hear string arrangements from classical violinist, Laura Reid and bassist, Matt Heller; while the title track and Sirens serve as the album’s beat back bone with intricate percussion by Matthew Doherty and lawnmower samplings.

You can celebrate A Life Well Lived in concert on Friday, January 23 at the Grand Theatre. Welcome to the West presents a three-tier audio/visual experience with AM Static featuring special guests Fever Feel and DJ sets courtesy Corinthian (one half of Sanctums). Advance tickets go on sale next Friday online through Theatre Junction.

MC Holidays | December 19-21 | Musician Guide

Lab Coast >>> Friday, December 19 <<< 8pm
Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.10.44 PM

Lab Coast began in late 2008. The Calgary-based band revolves around the tunes recorded by founders David Laing and Chris Dadge in various basements around the city. These songs are compact, tightly-wound strings of melody and bustling rhythms, the seeds of which are conjured up by Laing as he wanders around various city parks and neighbourhoods, at night and in the daylight. Their latest album, Walking on Ayr, which was was voted album of the year by FFWD Weekly, was released in early 2014 on Mammoth Cave Recording Company.

The Mountaineer >>> Friday, December 19 <<< 7pm

The Mountaineer sustains dreamy explorations of everyday life through washes of glimmering guitar, raw melodic lyrics, and soulful vocals. Jourdan Cunningham’s versatile voice has incredible charm, showcasing a sensitivity full of thought and strength. Paired with soulful compositions, the tone is set for the indie/folk/soul sound. Always going for feeling, but never feeling over the top, the result is both sensual and refined.

Sealegs >>> Friday, December 19 <<< 6pm

Sealegs is a local Calgary folk rock band. They play original content that is fast, fun and really gets the party going. For this, their debut set at Market Collective, they will perform a special, stripped down list of tracks. The band has six members: Drew (rhythm guitar/Lead vocals), Simon (drums), Adam (mandolin/backing vocals), Brandon (lead guitar/backing vocals), Ephraim (banjo), Zach (bass).

Isis Graham (Substation Recordings) >>> Friday, December 19 <<< 4-6pm
Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.40.33 AM

As the modern era of dance music dawned in the mid 90s, a teenaged Isis Graham glued herself to MuchMusic’s Electric Circus and absorbed every beat of the house music boom. Every instant moved her to the core of her being: the rainbow of lights, the writhing bodies, the headphoned maestros on the decks. And most of all, that beat. That relentless roll and cycle of kick and snare, hat and keys, bass and vocal, elevating her soul and moving her body in her bedroom all alone.

Dominic Pierce >>> Saturday, December 20 <<< 10am-Noon

Dominic Pierce is the man behind some of the most soulful and beat-driven music coming out of Canada today. Building on a deep house catalogue that has become highly sought after by fans in Canada, the United States and France, he continues to explore the wide spectrum of tempo with sounds that fit no convention but his own. His energy-fused deep house, jazz and slow jam sets have recently opened for acts such as Fred Falke and Jaqcues Greene, and he’s garnered support both internationally and at home. Recently Dominic performed live versions of his beats at Sled Island, also collaborating with Scion Sessions on an upcoming 7″ out in August. Dominic Pierce is also the founder of Close To Modern, a outre-soul label promoting Canadian beat makers, DJs and musicians.

Amy Nelson >>> Saturday, December 20 <<< Noon
2014-09-24-16-06-39_deco (1)

Amy Nelson grew up in a northern prairie town before moving to Calgary six years ago with her family. It wasn’t until she was eighteen that she began to sing in front of others. All it took was the beauty and guts of an old-time banjo song that made Amy realize this could very well be the meaning of her life; to listen, to play, and to sing with the banjo. A believer in ragtime, old blues and mountain music, and being yourself, Amy wants nothing more than to share the music that makes her heart beat and her hope is that other will be inspired to sing along too. Nelson appeared on the second season of the Calgary Collection filmed series.

Krystle Love B (Substation Recordings) >> Saturday, December 20 << 1-2pm

Krystle Love B is one third of Calgary’s ‘Frontier’ DJ Collective alongside fellow Techno DJ’s Powershark and Four Eyes. Frontier is a new night full of hand selected Deep House and Techno tunes held once every few months at Habitat Living Sound. She is also a music producer, DJ and blogger for the longest running female DJ collective, Girls On Decks.

With support from Girls On Decks, Frontier DJ Collective, labels Moonlight/Third City Records and Substation Recordings, Krystle Love B is quickly becoming an up and coming force to be reckoned with in the electronic dance community.

Audica (Substation Recordings) >>> Saturday, December 20 <<< 2-3pm
Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.33.42 PM

Brick walls ‘n’ disco balls. Deep techy booty bass house sorta tings: Audica is a man of mystery.

Shaani Cage >>> Saturday, December 20 <<< 3pm

Shaani Cage is Aleem and Kaleem Khan. Future Soul/R&B from the immigrant suburbs of YYC. Their debut Danyaal EP was recently released on Close to Modern Records which includes the single ‘Dance Community’.

Sonny Chiba (Substation Recordings) >>> Saturday, December 20 <<< 4-6pm

Cody Freele, A.K.A Sonny Chiba is one third of MannMade Rhodes. a music making trio from Calgary, AB. They were introduced to music early in life by their friends and family and share an infinite love for all its various styles and genres. Their constant involvement in different music scenes throughout their lives has brought a very distinct diversity and original dynamic to the groups’ sound. Each member is an integral part in shaping their original song productions.

Jayem Kayem >>> Sunday, December 21 <<< 10am-Noon

Josephine Cruz is a Calgary-based journalist who currently writes for Vice’s music channels and Complex Magazine. She is passionate about sharing stories from Calgary’s arts and culture scene on larger platforms in an effort to showcase the incredible creative community we are blessed with here. Her lifelong love of music recently inspired her to pursue DJing as a new creative outlet and a way to share the sounds she loves with others.

Amelie Patterson >>> Sunday, December 21 <<< Noon
Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.01.03 AM
Amelie Patterson is a Canadian singer/songwriter who plays blues, rock, and folk music. She grew up in the Rockies playing guitar around the campfire, and thats where she learned to write songs. She is heavily influenced by the music of Van Morrison, The Band, Janis Joplin, Serena Ryder, and Shakey Graves. When she’s not playing music you’ll find her outdoors on a climbing rope or working in the garden. She loves old records, good scotch, and trains. Her music is the product of everything she knows and loves in life, and she plays it whenever she can.

Tom Mannix >>> Sunday, December 21 <<< 1-3pm

DJ Tom Mannix has been DJing and collecting records for the past 16 years. Starting out in Calgary, his passion and love of music took him to London, England where he worked as a full time DJ for 7 years in many of London’s high end hotels such as The Dorchster, St Martins Lane, The Zetter and The Trafalgar Hilton. Tom also held residencies in top restaurants such as Hakkasan (Hanway Place), Nobu Berkley Square, W’Sens, Mint Leaf. Tom also played a number of small clubs and bars such at Paradise on Kensal Green, The Westbury, Barrio North, Bedroom Bar, and Doon.

La Rougette >>> Sunday, December 21 <<< 3pm

La Rougette is a Calgary based trio focused on compelling harmonies and soulful songs. A collaboration between sisters Miriam Behman, Cat Gusztak and Sylvana Sproule, La Rougette sings french folk songs and a range of modern and classic standard from Rhye and Fleetwood Mac.

Haaksonen (Substation Recordings) >>> Sunday, December 21 <<< 4-6pm
Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.23.16 AM

Haakonsen,’ a name synonymous with forward thinking, groove-oriented party music. Always taking a sideways approach to dance-floor deliverance, Haak’s production, performance and enthusiasm is nothing short but infectious. Since Haak’s first appearance on the scene in 2004, he’s been on a focused mission to share and inspire people with his love for underground electronic music. His genuine passion for making people dance, coupled with his intrinsic creative nature has allowed Haakonsen to thrive as a DJ in his home town and on international stages. Alongside his frequent club appearances throughout Western Canada, Haak’s now a regular act at major music festivals such as FozzyFest, Motion Notion, Connect, and Burning Man.

MC Holidays | December 12-14 | Musician Guide

Divepool >>> Friday, December 12 <<< 8pm
Divepool writes music that has a captivating quality akin to doing summersaults through an ocean full of warm milk, the band’s waves of distortion, steady backbeat and siren song vocals have washed over gazers.

Beach Season >>> Friday, December 12 <<< 7pm

This young duo have carved a sound of ambient dreamy beats, intertwined with refreshingly authentic vocals, that will take you on a irresistible sonic daydream.

Dixie Fried >>> Friday, December 12 <<< 4-7pm

Tune in each week for the best dusty old soul, country and rockabilly. Expect songs about chicken, cornbread, chain gangs, the ones who got away, barbecue, rice, and everything nice. Dixie Fried is soul food for your ears. Hayley M. hosts Dixie Fried on Friday mornings from 10am-Noon.

Overland >>> Saturday, December 13 <<< 10am-Noon

Driven by this ethos, Overland’s foray into dance music became a foray across international lines. Not content with spending hours hunkering in the annals of blogs and charts, Overland decided to take to the streets, spending every free moment on the club floor where dance music culture is actively being forged. By turning her numerous encounters with touring DJs into opportunities to research new sounds, Overland began filling her crate with an eclectic blend of cutting edge selections.

Walden >>> Saturday, December 13 <<< Noon

Frontman Mark Loewen assembled drummer, Evan Petkau, guitarist Alex McInnes, and bassist Jadon Peters with the intention of writing arena rock. Lofty ambitions to be sure, but the band has taken off running. While large-scale room filling rock, sing-along choruses, and catchy hooks describe Walden’s origins, the bands folk background has educated them on the finer points of intimate moments and they make use of the range of dynamics in each song.

Jah Raven Creation >>> Saturday, December 13 <<< 1-3pm

Right now, Your inside my mind. The mind of a scatterbrain. A true modern day vagabond. I love all, and pursue everything. My dog peanut, my beautiful friends, sunny weather, crafting and building, embracing music, immersing in other cultures and being in the woods are the most important to me. I also like Teepees, comfortable shoes, good coffee, craft beer, and pushing buttons. You have been drawn into the mind of a Raven.

The Moon Shakes >>> Saturday, December 13 <<< 3pm

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 9.41.51 PM

The Moonshakes are a Western Swing band playing some hot new originals as well as paying homage to the greats such as Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, Milton Brown and his Brownies, Cliff Brunner’s Texas Wanderers, Jimmie Revard and his Oklahoma Playboys, and the High Flyers to name a few.

Freshly Squeezed (CJSW) >>> Saturday, December 13 <<< 4-6pm


Jamal gets you through the early evening, drive time grind with grooves and melodies. Satisfy your craving for future funk from 4-6pm every Tuesday. Tune in to Freshly Squeezed.

Charmer’s Almanac (CJSW) >>> Sunday, December 14 <<< 10am-Noon


A morning radio program airing from 7am-10am every other Thursday on CJSW 90.9 FM. Inspired by our curiosity for the people, places and music of Calgary.

Birdheat >>> Sunday, December 14 <<< 12:30pm


Though she began as a poet and singer-songwriter from age 17, Fuhr began playing bass when she and her Brief Husband wanted to start a band and they both played guitar. He was frustrated with his bass attempts, and Fuhr noticed she was hearing bass runs in her head; soon she was addicted. She has played electric or upright slap bass and sung backup in several gigging Calgary bands of differing genres including indie, rockabilly, bluesy rock n roll, roots rock n roll, folk, and Celtic.

Big Friday (CJSW) >>> Sunday, December 14 <<< 1-3pm

Get ready for the weekend by starting your Fridays off with Big Friday. Each week host Myke Atkinson wakes up with you while playing beats and exposing you to his latest geeky loves. He hits the CJSW 90.9 airwaves from 7-10am on everyone’s favourite day.

My Two Cents Flat (CJSW) >>> Sunday, December 14 <<< 3pm-4:30pm
Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.34.20 PM

Television may well be the opiate of the masses, CJSW is the drug of choice of the modern cognoscenti. My Two Cents Flat is an organic morning ear-expander encouraging you to enjoy yourself more than necessary. C’mon, tune in. What the hell, turn up and turn loose while you’re at it. Sing in the shower. Drum solo at the bus stop. Wink at small children and kiss the pretty ladies. Do it. (You’ll like it.)

Kacy & Clayton >>> Sunday, December 14 <<< 4:30pm
Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.40.38 PM

Kacy and Clayton’s entire lives have been steeped in the rich catalogs of folk music masters. They are second cousins who grew up a short distance from each other in a ranching community in southern Saskatchewan. As children they were surrounded by rural musicality, absorbing the knowledge and skills of Kacy’s Grandfather (Clayton’s Great-Uncle) Carl Anderson.

The production values of their recordings are consistent and simple. Kacy and Clayton shun studio trickery and gimmicks, pursuing mixes that recall the natural warmth of 1970s british folk LPs. In fact, much of their repertoire could easily be mistaken for hidden gems of decades past. Their return to form is no mere retro affectation; it is a respectful bearing of the torch passed on from their deep and studied musical heritage.